Aamir’s Beautiful Home at Bella Vista Apartments, Bandra, Mumbai

Aamir Khan's Beautiful House

Aamir believes in continuity. He believes in the concept of family sticking together in good times and bad. His choice of residence has always been dictated by his connection to his days of childhood and family. He has lived and grown up with his family. According to reports, he recently bought a row of twenty two houses in his ancestral village of Shahabad, in Uttar Pradesh. The land was in the possession of his uncles when he bought it from them, in an effort to keep it within the family.

View from Aamir’s Balcony

View of Aamir Khan's House

In Mumbai, he lives with his wife, Kiran Rao and infant son Azaad,  in one of the flats of the Bella Vista Apartments , which is in Bandra, in Mumbai. He has grown up in Bandra with his brother Faisal, his sisters Farhat and Nikhat and cousin Mansoor Khan. His younger brother Faisal and cousins, along with their parents stay in the adjoining building, and his mother lives in the same complex too.

Inside Aamir Khan's House

His present property spreads over a generous 5000 sq.ft area. The flat he grew up in, is two floors above his present residence.

Previously, when he was married to his first wife Reena, Aamir had invested in a 1000 sq ft two bedroom apartment for the two of them and their son Junaid. In 1995, he bought two larger flats in the same apartment complex and joined it to make a single whole apartment and this is the very same house he is residing in, now.

Outside Aamir Khan's House


He is often referred to as ‘Mr. Perfectionist ‘ by his colleagues for his painstaking attention to detail and this very same quality has been used to get the maximum out of his living space. The flat’s plan and design was brought together after almost six months of confabulations and thought, with the help of interior architect Anuradha Parikh, who has remarked on Aamir’s discerning eye for ergonomics and functionality.

Outside Aamir Khan's House

Aamir has ensured that his house captures the greenery of nature by incorporating large windows through which the once heavily wooded area of Pali Hills can be seen.

His apartment is a mixture of Asian and European elements; so he has Mangalore tiles and charpoy in quirky combination with European designer seating; giving the flat an elegant yet, informal texture.

Bowing to his needs of keeping his personal space separate, the flat’s entrance foyer leads to his study as well as to his central living space. Aamir uses his Study as an office for his professional meetings; the room is also used for keeping other stuff too, like his sports equipment. The ambiance is a functional one that includes a set of sofas.

The space required for the central living room was extended by getting rid of the internal walls that were present previously. It has resulted in the creation of many interesting nooks and crannies that have been intelligently converted into separate spaces for dining and meeting friends. Aamir, being an avid reader has a well-stocked book shelf on one side of the room. There are many beautiful art pieces scattered around the room.

Aamir Khan’s Bungalow In Panchgani

View of Aamir Khan's House In Panchgani

Aamir Khan With Wife In Panchgani

Aamir Khan Relaxing In Panchgani

When Aamir wants to get away from it all and leave the hustle and bustle of a busy city behind, he makes for the pretty hill station of Panchgani , which is near Mumai. This place too, holds many fond memories for him and he has got a colonial style bungalow amid a green four acre land property. The hundred year old bungalow has a beautiful view of a valley and possesses some ancient artifacts. The bungalow used to previously belong to director-writer Homi Adjania.