Bipasha Basu Family Members:

Bipasha Basu with her parents, elder sister and niece.

Father: Hirak Basu

Mother: Mamta Basu

Elder Sister: Bidisha

Younger Sister: Bijoyeta Basu

Nephew: Anitej

Niece: Nirajita

Ex-Boyfriend: Dino Morea

Ex-Boyfriend: John Abraham

Boyfriend: Harman Baweja

Hirak Basu – Bipasha Basu Father

Bipasha Basu with her parents, Hirak and Mamta Basu.
Bipasha Basu with her father, Hirak Basu.
Bipasha Basu's childhood picture.

Bipasha Basu is unafraid to show her affection for her family members through her social network and it is apparent to all that the Basu family is a close bonded one.
Bipasha Basu’s father is Hirak Basu, who is a civil engineer and owns a construction company in Kolkata. Bipasha loves the fact that her father handles everything in life with humour; she calls him a happy-go-lucky man, a man who finds that he is most happy when he can make the people around him smile. Bipasha wants her chosen partner to be like her father, be as cool and calm as he is to balance her over-sensitive and hyper nature! Bipasha has led a very independent life since her modelling days at a young age and she is grateful to her dad for having faith in her and her choices in life.
Bipasha wants her married life to be like that of her very-much-in-love and happily married parents and finds it cute to see her father continuously snapping her mother’s pictures and using them as his screensaver.

Mamta Basu – Bipasha Basu Mother

Bipasha Basu with her mother, Mamta Basu.
Bipasha Basu with her mother.
Bipasha Basu as a child with her mother and sisters.

Bipasha Basu’s mother is Mamta Basu, a homemaker. It is obvious to see Bipasha’s love for her parents in the various pictures she shares with her fans. Bipasha’s beautiful mom even made a debut on the ramp thanks to her proud daughter, Bipasha.
Bipasha continues to depend on her parents for their emotional support, for post her traumatic break up with boyfriend, John Abraham, she bought an apartment for them near her own flat so that they could be near her.

Bidisha and Bijoyeta Basu – Bipasha Basu Sisters

Bipasha Basu with her sisters, Bidisha and Bijoyeta.
Bipasha Basu with her younger sister, Bijoyeta.
Bipasha Basu with her sisters and brother-in-law.

Bipasha Basu has two sisters, Bidisha and Bijoyeta. Bipasha is the middle sister and is extremely close to her sisters. Bidisha is the married sister with two children, while Bijoyeta is a student doing her advanced studies at an university in Bristol. She fondly recalled in an interview, how she used to sleep cuddled close next to her elder sister and how she would yell if her didi even moved away slightly.

Anitej and Nirajita – Bipasha Basu Nephew and Niece

Bipasha Basu with her parents, elder sister, nephew and niece.
Bipasha Basu with her nephew, Anitej.
Bipasha Basu with her niece, Nijarita
Bipasha Basu with her niece, Nijarita and brother-in-law.

Bipasha Basu loves posting pictures of her nephew Anitej and Nirajita who also goes by the name of Nia. She is in awe of the fact that kids of today are so much more informed than she was at their age. Bipasha is very much a part of her nephew and niece’s life and often attends their events along with her sister.
When John and Bipasha were a couple, John had suggested that Anitej take admission in Bombay Scottish School, John’s alma mater. Both Anitej and John had bonded well over their common alma mater.

Dino Morea – Bipasha Basu Ex-Boyfriend

Bipasha Basu with then boyfriend, Dino Morea.

Bipasha Basu has been in a series of high profile romantic relationships right from her modeling days. Her first high profile relationship was with model-actor-businessman, Dino Morea. In the early years of her modeling days, one of their printed advertisements had even created a lot of controversy. Their relationship, which began in 1996 fizzled out by 2002 when the couple just drifted apart. Their split was amicable and the two continue to remain friends and can often be seen promoting each other’s brands.

John Abraham – Bipasha Basu Ex-Boyfriend

Bipasha Basu with then boyfriend, John Abraham.

After her split with Dino Morea, Bipasha soon started dating John Abraham, her co-star in the film Jism. The couple soon became known as the ‘Golden Couple’ and even ‘Super Couple.’ This attractive couple bagged prestigious joint brand endorsements and was always seen together at various public events. It then came as a shock for their many fans when in 2011, their split became official. While Bipasha spoke to the media about her feelings post her split; she spoke about how when she was in the relationship she had begun retracting from people, work and opportunities just to give more time to her relationship; she even spoke about her feels of abandonment and pain and feelings of foolishness. In contrast, John has been more circumspect in speaking about his feelings in public. John moved on with his life and soon started dating Priya Runchal who is now his wife, leaving Bipasha behind licking her wounds.

Harman Baweja – Bipasha Basu Boyfriend

Bipasha Basu with boyfriend, Harman Baweja.

But, now Bipasha Basu has too, found love again in her life and is currently in a relationship with actor Harman Baweja. In early 2014 Bipasha took to twitter to officially announce the love status in her life and posted “Stating the obvious! Yes Harman n Me r a couple 🙂 Finally I have met a person who is a far better human being than I am. Blessed ”
Apparently, their parents have met and have given their blessings to their union. The two are often seen together in public events.