Bollywood ABCs

Let us take your through the ABCs of Bollywood – its favorite and most memorable characters and movie.



Basanti is a feisty, talkative young woman who makes her living driving a horse-cart from the film Sholay. She is the love interest of Veeru a young man who has come to help the Thakur of Ramgarh. Basanti uses the famous line “Chal Dhanno” where Dhanno is the name of her horse.



Bobby, played by the ever lovely Dimple Kapadia

Bobby Braganza, played by Dimple Kapadia is the  daughter of a poor Anglo-Indian Christian fisherman Jack Braganza. Bobby falls in love with Raj from a very affluent family and faces hardships in order to be together with Raj. This character Bobby from the movie of the same name was a rage in the  70’s.

The film was widely popular, and widely imitated. The movie was a trend-setter for teen romance movies to spurt from there onwards.