Bollywood ABCs

Gabbar Singh 

Gabbar Singh, the fearful dacoit from Sholay

Gabbar Singh the Dacoit, hates Ramgarh and hates Thakur. Has some of the most memorable names in his gang- Sambha and Kaaliya. Enjoys chewing tobacco. Has a taste for gypsy music with bonfire and Helen. Has to his credit some of the most immortal lines of Bollywood history. Gabbar is all about lust for money and money for lust. Gabbar’s revenue model is money taxation from the villagers of Ramgarh. However , he has special affection for the Thakur’s family. Moreover, he has the best lineup of sidekicks- Sambha , Kaaliya etc.

He has some really cool philosophies on life: Jo darr gaya, samjho marr gaya – the one who fears is dead. There are numerous lines that Gabbar so famously used. But the line which really became famous was – “Kiten Aadmi The?”


Charlie / Guddu from Kaminey

Guddu and Charlie (Shahid Kapoor in a double role from the movie Kaminey) are identical twins who have grown up in the streets of  Mumbai. Both brothers have a speech impediment – Charlie has a lisp, while Guddu stutters in his speech.

Gulfaam Hassan

Gulfaam Hassan from Sarfarosh

Gulfaam  Hassan is a Ghazal Singer who playbacks Jagjit Singh’s vocals perfectly and carries out terrorist activites from his ancestral fort in Bahid, Rajasthan. He can pull out the ear of a child goat just because he broke a vase. He made the word “Gunaah” as one of the keywords for all mimicry artists who want to copy Naseeruddin Shah.