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Jewel Theif

Jewel Thief

Jewel Thief is a 1967 Indian Hindi film.  The movie was produced by Dev Anand’s production house Navketan films and directed by his brother Vijay Anand. The film is a crime thriller, and stars Dev Anand, Vyjayantimala, Tanuja, Ashok Kumar, Anju Mahendru, Sachin and Helen. The film was a box office hit and also received the Filmfare Best Sound Award. Tanuja recieved a Filmfare nomination for the Best Supporting Actress.


Vinay (Dev Anand), is an ordinary young man who finds himself constantly mistaken for a look-alike jewel thief named Amar. Vinay works with the police to imitate Amar and crack his crime ring, but it seems that Amar has decided toimitate Vinay, as well. But very soon their true identities are thoroughly mixed up.

Vinay lives with his father, a Police Commissioner, and his mom in Bombay. Vinay’s dad is quite upset with him as he has not learnt any skills, and spends all his time examining stones and jewellery. The city is being held to ransom by a daring jewel thief, who continues to baffle them to no end. They do get a pleasant surprise when they find out that he has secured employment with a leading jeweler by the name of Vishamber Nath. Vinay also gets to meetVishamber Nath’s attractive daughter, Anju, and there is romance budding in the air. This is short lived when several people greet Vinay as “Amar” or “Prince Amar”. Things come to a boil when a young woman named Shalini comes forward and claims that Vinay is her fiancée. Vinay is able to prove to them that he is indeed Vinay, and cooperates with them to locate this elusive Amar – only to find himself embroiled in a devious scheme – that robs him of his sanity – makes lose his memory, identity, and makes him a target of every policeman in India.