Bollywood ABCs


Krrish, the first Bollywood hero to take off

Krrish , is our answer to Superman! He could fly, chat up the girls and could bounce higher.  Hrithik Roshan’s Krissh brought the faith back in Bollywood special effects and the people loved the character so much, they put him on cereal boxes! For that half-torn mask, like a bunch of rottweilers had a go at him, and for being  Bollywood’s first superhero, Krissh captures your heart as a truly different and unique character.


Ajit as Loin from the film Kalicharan

Loin, is the villian character portrayed by actor Ajit  from the movie Kalicharan.

He is the baap of all crimelords. White suit, black shades, white pants, white shoes. Peter, Mona and Robert are few of his zillion sidekicks. He owns a control room with diodes flashing.

The Character Loin, spawned a different genre of Bollywood villains. He also created the famous line “Saara Shaher mujhe Loin ke naam se Janta hai” which is etched in golden letters in Indian pop-culture.