Bollywood ABCs


Mogambo, the terrosrist from the film Mr.India

Mogambo, the villian from Mr.India was known for Terrorism, creating chaos and horror by means of detonating bombs in public places, stealing costly antiques. Owns an army of dedicated soldiers who keep shouting “Hail Mogambo”. Keeps an eye on the latest developments in science and technology, and is assisted by a Chinese scientist. Has golden hair but speaks perfect Hindi. Again, large den, with sliding doors, acid tanks, huge lounge area with a world map drawn on the floor. He even has the missiles man. And the control room is bigger than that of Loin and Shaakaal. And yeah, it has the “don’t pull it” Lever as well.

His most famous line remembered even today – the expression “Mogambo Khush Hua!” Because Mogambo overshadows all the other peeps in the movie. Mogambo is the largest of all Bollywood villians even today!