Bollywood Jokes


Aaj Poke Kar raha hai, kal friend request bechega,

Aaj ‘Like’ kar raha hai, kal ‘Comment’ karega,

Aaj photo ‘tag’ kar raha hai. kal photo keechega,

Kheechega ki nahinn! 😛

Rajnikanth Jokes - 4

Rajinikanth doesn’t move at the speed of light. Light moves at the speed of Rajinikanth.

Rajinikanth knows Victoria’s secret.

When Rajnikanth hits you, even google can’t find you.

Rajnikanth doesn’t do push-ups. He pushes the earth down.

Superman can fly. Rajnikanth can make others fly.

Munnabhai and Circuit's chain collection

CIRCUIT : Bhai, who apnay bachpan ka dost aarehla hai, aaj raat ko dinner pe.

Mera Sara chain collection apnay kamray mein chupa do na please.

MUNNABHAI : Kyun tera dost chor hai kya?

CIRCUIT : Nahin Bhai, who apnay chain pechan lega

Rajini's theory of light

Throw a beam of  torch light on your mirror with refractive index 100 at an angle of 17.63 degrees. The reflected beam hits the ceiling  and then further hits the wall before striking the cigar. The reflected light, due to high air friction and friction at the wall gets converted into heat which in turn gets converted into firein 0.001256 micro seconds. This gets converted into fire and you can smoke the cigar with light ( delight ).

Rajinikanth Part 5

Rajinikanth’s first job was as a bus conductor. There were no survivors.

Rajinikanth does not style his hair. It lays perfectly in place out of sheer terror.

When Rajinikanth plays Monopoly, it affects the actual world economy.

Rajinikanth is the only man to ever defeat a brick wall in a game of tennis.

Rajinikanth’s house has no doors, only walls that he walks through.