Don: The Chase Begins Again

Don: The Chase Begins Again is a 2006 Indian action film directed by Farhan Akhtar and is a remake of the 1978 movie Don. This movie was produced under Excel Entertainment and stars Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Rampal, Ishaa Koppikar, Boman Irani and Kareena Kapoor in a guest appearance.


In 2006, the drug trade is booming. The Malaysian Intelligence and Anti-Narcotic Department are called upon for assistance by their Indian counterparts. There are rumours that a drug gang has recently moved their headquarters to Kuala Lumpur. The Indian team is headed by DCP D’Silva (Boman Irani) who wants to break the back of the drug operations of a drug king named Singhania. Helping him in this task is Malik (Om Puri). They believe that once they capture the Singhania’s dangerous lieutenant Don (Shahrukh Khan) they can capture all of them. Don’s gang comprises of Narang (Pawan Malhotra) and Anita (Ishaa Koppikar), his girlfriend. Soon, Roma (Priyanka Chopra) joins them but she has other plans – kill Don; Don was responsible for killing her brother Ramesh as well as his fiancee, Kamini (Kareena Kapoor). During a chase with the police, Don is seriously injured and is captured by D’Silva. D’Silva keeps it a secret that he has captured Don, even from his fellow officers. D’Silva then proceeds to track down a Don look-alike, a singer named Vijay (also played by Shahrukh Khan). He asks Vijay to infiltrate Don’s gang by pretending to be Don. In return he will make sure that the child Vijay found and adopted, Deepu (Tanay Chheda), gets a proper education. Meanwhile, Deepu’s real father Jasjit (Arjun Rampal) who has just been released from prison sets out in search for his son and to get his revenge on DCP D’Silva who arrested him and prevented him from rescuing his wife and child from blackmailers.

D’Silva trains Vijay and admits him to a hospital, the same hospital in which Don is also admitted and supposedly in coma, to surgically give him all the scars and birthmarks the real Don has on his body. However, Don dies of heart failure suddenly in front of D’Silva and the doctors, who are unable to save him. While Vijay is infiltrating Don’s gang, D’Silva is captured and killed in a fire blast. Vijay is forced to run from the police as well as Don’s gang members who are pursuing a disc, the last piece of evidence which has all of Don’s criminal activities loaded on it, a disc which can get him, Vijay, out of his mess.

Through various plot twists, Vijay recovers the disc. Eventually, it surfaces that D’Silva is alive and is actually Vardhan, a notorious underground criminal with a grudge against Singhania, Don’s boss, and eventually ends up killing Singhania. Vijay arranges a meeting with Vardhan and assists in his capture.

In a final twist, it emerges that the real Don is still alive, and was pretending to be Vijay who he killed and replaced while in the hospital. It was actually Vijay who had died in the hospital of heart failure in front of Vardhan (DCP D’Silva). In the end, both Don and Anita escape, bewildering the police and Roma.