Munna Bhai M.B.B.S

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. is a 2003 Indian comedy film directed by Rajkumar Hirani and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. This is the first of the Munna Bhai movie series. The movie won the National Film Award in 2004 for the Best Popular Film, several Filmfare awards including the Critics Award for Best Movie and Best Screenplay.


Murli Prasad Sharma (Sanjay Dutt) who is nicknamed “Munna Bhai”  is a bhai or gunda: a crime don in the Mumbai underworld. Since his dad (Sunil Dutt) wanted him to become a doctor, Munna Bhai creates the faux Sri Hari Prasad Sharma Charitable Hospital (named after his father) and pretends to live a doctor’s life whenever his father and mother (Rohini Hattangadi)) visit him in Mumbai.

Munna’s plan backfires when his father meets an old acquaintance, Dr. Asthana (Boman Irani) and the two older men decide to marry Munna to Asthana’s daughter, Dr. Suman a.k.a “Chinki” (Gracy Singh). The truth about Munna is revealed to his dad and Asthana insults Munna’s parents and calls them “fools” for being ignorant of Munna’s real life. Munna’s father and mother, heartbroken, leave for their village.

Munna, who grieves his actions decides that the only way to redeem himself and to gain revenge for the humiliation suffered by his father at the hands of the spiteful Ashthana is to become a doctor. He decides to go to a medical college to obtain an, the graduate medical degree in South Asia.

With the help of his right-hand man Circuit (Arshad Warsi)and others, Munna “gains admission” to the Imperial Institute of Medical Sciences, where he again encounters Dr. Asthana, who is the dean. His success there becomes dependent upon the (coerced) help of faculty member Dr. Rustam Pavri (Kurush Deboo). While Munna Bhai’s skills as a medical doctor are minimal, he transforms those around him with the “Jadoo Ki Jhappi” (“magical hug”) — a method of comfort taught to Munna by his mother — and the compassion he shows towards those in need. Despite the school’s emphasis on mechanical, Cartesian, impersonal, often bureaucratic relationships between doctors and patients, Munna constantly seeks to impose a more empathetic regimen. To this end, he defies all convention by treating a brain-dead man called “Anand bhai” as if the man were able to perceive and understand normally; interacts on familiar but autocratic terms with patients, humiliates school bullies, never fails to thanks a under appreciated janitor and encourages the patients themselves to make changes in their lives, so that they do not need drugs or surgery.

Dr. Asthana, is  unable to prevent this from expanding and gaining ground at his college. He becomes increasingly irrational.  Meanwhile, his daughter becomes increasingly fond of Munna, who in his turn becomes unreservedly infatuated with her. After much comedy, because Munna is unaware that Dr. Suman and his childhood friend “Chinki” are one and the same, Suman hilariously exploits the situation. Asthana tries several times to expel Munna but is often thwarted by Munna’s wit or the affection with which the others at the college regard Munna, having gained superior self-esteem by his methods.

Eventually Munna is shamed into leaving college as his dying friend could not be saved by him. Anand miraculously awakens from his vegetative state; at this point Suman gives a heartfelt speech wherein she criticizes her father for having banished Munna, saying that to do so is to banish hope, compassion, love, and happiness, etc. from the college. Asthana realises his mistake and Munna is later married to Suman a.k.a Chinki. They open a hospital in Munna’s village implementing his idea everyday.