The family that prays together stays together.
In Bollywood more than anywhere else family links can make or break your career. Children of famous actors, directors and producers find it so much easier to get a foothold into the Indian Film industry than the large hoardes of talented newcomers with no godfathers. Family ties are not just important for the connections, but also to keep the stars grounded to the earth. Family is often the only honest critic a super star has. They act as the extremely important Reality Check that most superstars need.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, I am my mother, after all
When we are born, we adore them. When we are teens, we hate them. As we get older, we don’t know what to do with them until finally – we become them. We list below articles about the families of our favorite bollywood stars. Details about the most important people in their lives. The people who supported them when they were nothing and the ones who tolerate them now that they are everything :)