We have been obsessed with bollywood actors, their lifestyles, their houses and how they live. This section gives you a secret peek into the lives of your favorite bollywood actors – who welcome you into their homes. These are not just pictures of their houses and their rooms – this is a peek into their very being – into how they like to live.

Sonam Kapoor With Dad, At Home

At home with Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor, The Family Girl The elegant Ms. Sonam Kapoor is slowly yet surely making a name for herself as an actress …

Salman Khan with his family at home

Salman Khan house pictures

If one were to ask about popular tourist spots in Mumbai then Bandra would definitely be suggested by a majority of the …

Shahrukh Khan house - Mannat, Shahrukh's home

Shahrukh Khan’s house

Shahrukh Khan has an ancestral house in Peshawar where his father Taj Mohammed originally hails from. To reach the ancestral family home, …