Emraam Hashmi Family Members:

Emraam Hashmi with his wife and son.

Grandmother: Purnima Das Verma

Father: Anwar Hashmi

Mother: Maherah Hashmi

Brother: Calvin Hashmi

Wife: Parveen Shahani

Son: Ayaan Hashmi

Uncle: Mahesh Bhatt

Aunt: Soni Radan

Uncle: Mukesh Bhatt

Cousin: Vishesh Bhatt

Cousin: Vishesh Bhatt

Cousin: Vishesh Bhatt

Cousin: Vishesh Bhatt

Cousin: Vishesh Bhatt

Cousin: Pooja Bhatt

Cousin Brother-In-Law: Manish Makhija

Cousin: Alia Bhatt

Cousin: Mohit Suri

Cousin Sister-In-Law: Udita Goswami

Cousin: Smiley Suri

Cousin: Dharmesh Darshan

Cousin: Suneel Darshan

Cousin: Milan Luthria

Cousin: Onjolee Nair

Anwar Hashmi and Purnima Das Verma – Emraam Hashmi Father and Grandmother

Emraam Hashmi's grandmother, Purnima Das Verma.
Emraam Hashmi as a child with his father, Anwar Hashmi.
Emraam Hashmi with his father, Anwar Hashmi.

Emraan Hashmi is another one of those actors who can be said to belong to an extensive Bollywood connected family that covers a gamut of grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts and cousins.
Emraam’s father is actor Anwar Hashmi. Anwar Hashmi was an actor of yesteryears, who never really made it to the big league, but definitely passed on his love for all things Bollywood to the next generation. Anwar Hashmi was the son of actress, Purnima Das Verma who had changed her name, probably for professional reasons, from her original name of Meherbhano Mohammad Ali. She could be considered to be the first Bollywood star in their family. Not much is known about the relationship between the father and son, though both have been seen together in some public events.

Maherah Hashmi – Emraam Hashmi Mother

Emraam Hashmi with his mother, Maherah Hashmi.

Emraan Hashmi’s mother is Maherah Hashmi, a Roman Catholic. The relationship between Maherah and her son, Emraam is quite close and in an interview; she has spoken affectionately about Emi as Emraam is affectionately called at home and his childhood days; his pranks and adoration of actors Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan and of any culinary dish featuring chicken!

Calvinr Hashmi – Emraam Hashmi Brotherr

Emraam Hashmi with his wife, Parveen, mother, Maherah Hashmi, brother, Calvin Hashmi and sister-in-law.
Emraam Hashmi has an elder brother, Calvin Hashmi who is married and settled in the UK. Not much is really known about the relationship between Emraam with his family members, mainly because he prefers his privacy and doesn’t pander to the inquisitive press.

Parveen Shahani- Emraam Hashmi Wife

Emraam Hashmi with his wife, Parveen Shahani..
Emraam Hashmi with his wife, Parveen and son, Ayaan.

Emraam Hashmi got married to his long-time girlfriend, Parveen Shahani. Parveen loves her privacy as much as Emraam does and dislikes getting recognised and pursued by not only the media, but also people at large. This is probably one of the reasons; she doesn’t like attending public functions with her husband and get photographed. Emraam says that his wife is not insecure about their relationship despite not liking him his doing lip locks with his female co-stars in his films and this fact gives him a feeling of peace in his life. He says that she is very critical of his work and being a schoolteacher previously, has a mature attitude towards things.

Ayaan Hashmi – Emraam Hashmi Son

Emraam Hashmi with his son, Ayaan Hashmi

Emraam Hashmi’s young son is named Ayaan. The family had to go through a troubled time recently, when Ayaan was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of this year. Today, Ayaan has successfully come through the traumatic chemotherapy treatment, to become cancer free. When Ayaan and Parveen had gone abroad to Canada for treatment, Emraam had to stay back to complete his professional obligations despite wanting to be with his son and wife.

Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan- Emraam Hashmi Uncle and Aunt

Emraam Hashmi with his uncle, Mahesh Bhatt.
Emraam Hashmi's Uncle, Mahesh Bhatt and Aunt, Soni Razdan.

Emraam Hashmi’s paternal grandmother’s sister, Shirin Mohammad Ali was also an actress of yesteryears. Her two sons, Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt are also very much a part of Bollywood.
Emraam Hashmi’s uncle, Mahesh Bhatt is a well-known director-producer. It was Mahesh Bhatt, who had first mooted the idea of Emraam becoming an actor and then persuading him to do so when he was working as an assistant director under his uncle. Since Emraam wasn’t particularly interested in doing something else, he decided to take a chance at being an actor. Mahesh Bhatt has had a huge influence on Emraam. Recently, the two were in the news due to a series of tweets begun by Mahesh, which expressed his unhappiness at Emraam’s shifting loyalties and giving priority to other production houses; Emraam had replied asking his uncle to not make personal grievances public, but to speak to him directly.

Mukesh Bhatt – Emraam Hashmi Uncle

Emraam Hashmi with Uncle, Mukesh Bhatt..

Producer Mukesh Bhatt has actively been a part of making Emraam the star that he is today through his films under the Vishesh Films banner. Emraam is quite close to his uncles and often takes liberties with them as in the case when he calls them close-fisted!

Vishesh Bhatt – Emraam Hashmi Cousin

Emraam Hashmi's Uncle, Mukesh Bhatt, cousins, Vishesh Bhatt and Mohit Suri

Vishesh Bhatt is Mukesh Bhatt’s son and Emraam Hashmi’s cousin. He directed Emraam in his first film that went on to become a big commercial success. The two are close as can be seen by his comment that Emraam is the real miser in the family, who always manages to escape paying for something!

Pooja Bhatt and Alia Bhatt – Emraam Hashmi Cousins

Emraam Hashmi with Uncle, Mahesh Bhatt, and cousin Pooja Bhatt.
Emraam Hashmi with cousin Alia Bhatt.
Mahesh Bhatt with wife, Soni Razdan and daughters, Pooja, Shaheen, Alia and son-in-law.

Pooja Bhatt with husband, Manish Makhija.
Siblings Pooja, Rahul, Shaheen and Alia Bhatt.

Actress and director, Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt are Mahesh Bhatt’s children from his first marriage and thus are Emraam’s cousins. Pooja Bhatt is married to actor, VJ Manish Makhija. Shaheen Bhatt and actress, Alia Bhatt who are Mahesh’s children from his second marriage to actress, Soni Razdan are also cousins of Emraam’s. Emraam Hashmi finds his cousin, Alia Bhatt growing with each film and taking big strides in her acting career.

Mohit Suri, Udita Goswami and Smiley Suri – Emraam Hashmi Cousins and Cousin Sister-In-Law

Emraam Hashmi with Mohit Suri.
Emraam Hashmi with cousin Smiley Suri.
Emraam Hashmi with Udita Goswami.
Emraam Hashmi with Parveen, Mohit Suri and Smiley Suri..
Mohit Suri with Udita Goswami.

Director, Mohit Suri is another cousin of Emraam Hashmi. Mohit’s mother is Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt’s younger sister. Mohit’s sister, Smiley Suri has also acted in a few movies. Form all accounts, Emraam is very close to Mohit and Smiley. He played a major part in Mohit’s wedding ceremony to model and actress, Udita Goswami.

Milan Luthria – Emraam Hashmi Cousin

Emraam Hashmi with cousin Milan Luthria.

Director, Milan Luthria is also Emraam Hashmi’s cousin. Milan’s maternal grandmother and Emraam’s paternal grandmother were sisters, Milan has directed Emraam in many of his movies.

Dharmesh and Suneel Darshan – Emraam Hashmi Cousins

Emraam Hashmi's cousin Dharmesh Darshan.
Emraam Hashmi's cousin Suneel Darshan.

Filmmakers Dharmesh Darshan and Suneel Darshan are again two more cousins of Emraam Hashmi. Emraam’s paternal grandmother and their grandmother, Shirin were sisters.

Onjolee Nair – Emraam Hashmi Cousin

Emraam Hashmi's cousins Pooja Bhatt and Onjolie Nair.

Actress, Onjolee Nair is also Emraam Hashmi’s cousin and Mahesh Bhatt’s niece.