Farhan Akhtar Family Members:

Farhan Akhtar with wife, Adhuna Akhtar and daughters, Shakya and Akira.

Father: Javed Akhtar

Mother: Honey IraniShabana AzmiZoya Akhtar

Wife: Adhuna Akhtar

Daughter: Shakya Akhtar

Daughter: Akira Akhtar

Cousin: Farah Khan

Cousin: Sajid Khan

Aunt: Daisy Irani

Javed Akhtar – Farhan Akhtar Father

Farhan Akhtar with his parents and sister.
Farhan Akhtar with his father, Javed Akhtar.

Farhan Akhtar carries his Bollywood lineage lightly. He comes from a line of eminent Urdu poets. His paternal great-grandfather was Muztar Khairabadi and his grandfather was Jan Nisar Akhtar.
His father, renowned Bollywood lyricist and screenwriter, Javed Akhtar is a much respected personality, who has written and been a part of some of the most iconic Bollywood films and songs; think Sholay. Farhan’s father, Javed was not present much during his childhood days because he had opted out of his marriage to famous child star Honey Irani to live with veteran and acclaimed actress, Shabana Azmi, leaving back not only his wife, but also a very young Farhan and his sister.
One can only imagine the resentment a young child would have for his father and step-mother, but it is to his mother’s credit that he didn’t grow up with any residual anger towards his father and now, a grown-up Farhan is close to his father as well as step-mother. Farhan and Javed have formed a creative team that has shown obviously glorious results in Farhan Akhtar’s films.
Farhan calls his father the most solid ‘support beam’ he has in his life. He admires his father for his drive to excel in his work. He ruefully admits that he too, just like his father, enjoys being the centre of attention as well as have the habit of repeating jokes!

Honey Irani- Farhan Akhtar Mother

Farhan Akhtar with his mother, Honey Irani
Honey Irani as a child star.

Farhan Akhtar is very close to his mother, Honey Irani who being a single parent has played a major role in his life, as a mother as well as father during those important formative years.
Even though Honey had been one of the most successful child stars during her time along with her sister, Daisy Irani, she left it all as soon as she fell in love with a young Javed Akhtar, despite not yet leaving her teens. They married in 1972 despite people’s objections as Javed was just a struggler in the film industry. She fitted herself into the image of what Javed wanted in a bride and for some years almost lost herself. Though she doesn’t blame Javed for opting out of the marriage, saying that the arguments had become too many for a happy married life; it is also true that Javed fell in love with another woman, Shabana Azmi whilst still being married, and preferred to lead his life with her.
She picked herself after her separation, which happened in 1978 and went back to films to make a living, but this time as a story writer, which had been encouraged by her then husband, Javed. A truly strong woman, she made peace with her own life, forged a friendship with her ex-husband and was cordial with his new wife. She is now a doting grandmother who has chosen not to get married again.
Farhan finds his mother to be one of the most sensitive and giving persons he knows. He respects his mother for allowing him and his sister to make their own mistakes in life and forming their own life experiences and learning from them. He is emotionally dependent on his mother and finds that it is important for him to make his mother proud of him as an atonement of all the stress he gave her while growing up.

Shabana Azmi – Farhan Akhtar Step-Mother

Farhan Akhtar with wife Adhuna, Father Javed and step-mother, Shabana Azmi.
Farhan Akhtar with his step mom, Shabana Azmi.

Acclaimed actress, Shabana Azmi is Farhan Akhtar’s step-mother. Shabana comes from a renowned family of intellectuals, poets and activists and when she chose to Javed, a married man with two kids as her life partner, there were objections aplenty. But, Shabana’s love for Javed won the day for her. The two waited till 1984, after Javed’s divorce from Honey came through, before getting married. The two didn’t have children of their own and Shabana made a space for herself in Javed’s children’s minds and hearts by giving them time and space to get over their natural resentment towards her. Now, both Farhan and Zoya are appreciative of her for that very fact.

Zoya Akhtar – Farhan Akhtar Sister

Farhan Akhtar with his sister, Zoya Akhtar.
Farhan Akhtar with wife Adhuna, mother Honey Irani and sister, Zoya Akhtar.

Zoya Akhtar is Farhan Akhtar’s elder sister,a film director of repute. She is elder to him by just one and a half years, so their childhood was spent pretty much all the time squabbling among themselves! Farhan says that the two formed a loving and quarrel-free relationship only when they were in their twenties.
But, despite all the typical petty sibling quarrels, Farhan looks back with affection of their growing up period and reflects how despite his penchant for telling stories for fun sakes and fooling most people including his mother, Zoya was the only one who could see right through him and telling on him. He respects his sister a lot and takes her advice on many things, knowing that she will be honest and straightforward without any efforts to diplomacy. He knows that his sister matured before him and would try and shelter him from unpleasant life experiences when he was young. He finds her caring and nurturing of her family and friends; he finds it admirable that she still has friends who go back almost thirty years.

Adhuna Akhtar – Farhan Akhtar Wife

Farhan Akhtar with his wife, Adhuna Akhtar.

Farhan Aktar’s wife is the well-known hair-stylist Adhuna Akhtar. Farhan met Adhuna who is six years older than him, when he was in the process of writing a script for his cult movie Dil Chahta Hai. Farhan at that point of time was a struggler more known for his parentage than for anything he had personally done, while Adhuna was making a name for herself with her premier hair style salon ‘Juice’. They went on to have a relationship for around three years before taking their step towards matrimony in 2000.
Farhan admires her for her independent spirit; she left her home in England to come to India to start a new venture with her brother. Adhuna has been a creative part of all of Farhan’s film ventures and has helped style not only Farhan, but also many other Bollywood stars and has started fashion trends that have been copied extensively by youngsters all over India, think Aamir Khan and his hairstyle in the film Dil Chahta Hai.

Farhan continues to be very much in love with his wife, preferring to be with his family when he isn’t working. He loves Adhuna for her deep sensitivity to others, her support and confidence in him. He regards Adhuna’s presence in his life as the strength that gives him the impetus, the motivation for him to excel and do his work without any kind of worries or tension.
While, this intensely private couple doesn’t indulge in PDA for the world to see and love the humour and laughter in their lives, Farhan ensures that romance is always present and likes to woo Adhuna with her favourite songs. Farhan feels that the friendship between them is the foundation of their relationship.

Shakya and Akira Akhtar – Farhan Akhtar’s Daughters

Farhan Akhtar with his wife, Adhuna and daughters, Shakya and Akira.

Farhan and Adhuna Akhtar have two beautiful daughters, Shakya and Akira. They are not only the apple of their parents’ eyes, but are at the centre of the loving attentions of their grandmother, Honey Irani.
Farhan obviously loves his two daughters and loves to hang out with them; but he also names them in the stylish women he knows’ list, with conviction!

Farah Khan – Farhan Akhtar Cousin

Farhan Akhtar with his cousin, Farah Khan.
Farhan Khan's Aunt and cousin, Farah Khan.

Farhan Akhtar shares his birthday (9th January) with another member of his family, reputed choreographer, actress and director and cousin, Farah Khan. In fact, they call themselves Capri 9! Farah is the daughter of Maneka, who is Honey Irani’s eldest sister and filmmaker father Kamran Khan. From all accounts the cousins are fond of each other and do not consider each other, a rival in the Hindi film industry.

Sajid Khan – Farhan Akhtar Cousin

Farhan Akhtar with cousin, Sajid Khan.

Farhan Akhtar is the cousin of hit director, Sajid Khan who is Farah Khan’s brother. Farhan and Sajid also appear to share friendly vibes. Sajid has said in an interview that he considers his cousins, Farhan and Zoya to be more gifted and superior to him. While the cousins don’t take advice from each other or interfere in their work, there’s a feeling of happiness when the other is successful in his or her venture.

Daisy Irani – Farhan Akhtar Aunt

Farhan Akhtar's maternal aunt, Daisy Irani.
Farhan Akhtar's aunt, Daisy Irani as a child actor from a movie still.

Farhan Akhtar’s aunt and actress, Daisy Irani who had made a name for herself along with Honey as a child sta,r continues to appear in films and enjoys it, too. She married early too, to late screenplay writer KK Shukla. She has three children, Kabir, Varsha and Ritu. While one daughter and son are connected to the film world, her second daughter is a teacher. She appears to be close to Farhan Akhtar and his family.