Hrithik Roshan Shows Off His Sculpted Body

Hrithik Roshan Shows Off His Sculpted Body

Hrithik may have been blessed with genes for his Greek God looks, but he has too, like regular mortals, to work on his body to keep it in optimum shape and fitness level.

Macho Man, Hrithik Roshan

Some time back, he was bedridden because of a bad back and he soon piled on weight and inches like there was no tomorrow! But, he got himself under control and took the help of trainer Kris Genthin and nutritionist Maraica Johnson to get himself fighting fit and went on to get an even better looking physique than before. He was brave enough to publish his ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, to inspire people and make losing weight a doable and realistic proposition.

The Lean, Mean Fighting Machine

Hrithik Roshan Is The Lean, Mean Fighting Machine

Hrithik believes that the secret to a correct diet lies in one’s choices regarding the amount and type of food eaten. He chalked out a workable daily diet plan with his nutritionist wherein he had 4 egg whites, 2 brown breads, a protein shake, corn flakes with milk and a platter of fresh fruit for his breakfast. For lunch, he ate 2 rotis, green vegetables, chicken breast, dal, caesar salad, fish platter snack, protein shake, and 4 egg white sandwiches and fruit platter. For dinner he had 6 egg whites, brown bread, half chicken or fish with stir vegetables. He had fresh Caesar salad during workouts.

On A Mission

Hrithik Roshan Is On A Mission

The other steps Hrithik took to get the body he wanted was that he made sure to drastically cut down on his oil intake and that he had no more than two teaspoons of oil in a whole day. He cut down on his sodium intake and sugar was a complete no-no for him. He ate enough to fill only 70% of his stomach and drank around eight to ten glasses of water each day. He was careful not to take his meals immediately after workout, but waited for 45 minutes to eat. Sleeping only after at least an hour after meals is advised.

Hrithik Roshan's Body Beautiful

The supplements Hrithik took to augment his regular diet and workout plan include Glutamine, Creatine, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Omega 3, one multi vitamin and protein shake.