Hrithik Roshan, called India’s Greek God always presents a larger than life aura, but in reality he is a very simple man. He lives luxuriously yet his home has a very simple feel to it. Hrithik lives in El Palazzo located in Juhu, Mumbai, a huge duplex that is one of the most sought after and costly properties in Mumbai.

Living room

Picture of Hrithik Roshan's living room

Hrithik’s Gym

Picture of Hrithik Roshan's gym in his house

The study – where the Greek god contemplates

Picture of Hrithik Roshan's study

Hrithik’s bungalow is best described as warm and classy yet contemporary. The entire credit of course goes to his ex-wife Suzanne Roshan who is an interior designer and knew exactly what he wanted. The house is wide and spacious with mainly white and off-white walls which create a peaceful feeling. Hrithik’s drawing room has bay length windows offering a lovely view of the skyline, palm groves and some vintage bungalows.

Hrithik with son Hridhaan Roshan

Picture of Hrithik with son Hridhaan

Hrithik has an gym which is located on the terrace and the gym area was designed by his wife keeping his needs in mind. To make sure the home is child-friendly, the couple had made a few changes to the bedroom and made sure that Hrehaan and Hridhaan share the same room as it bonds them better.

Hrithik’s entertainment den

Hrithik's entertainment room

The Dining area

Dining area

Hrithik has an entertainment den which he loves the most as this is where he spends his alone time. He says the room was renovated by Suzanne and given to him as a surprise.

Post breakup with Suzanne, Hrithik has been living with his parents. However, according to news reports, he plans to shift soon into another sea facing bungalow at Juhu.