Say Hello to Imran Khan’s Large Family:

Imran Khan with his mother and wife.

Grand Father: Nasir Hussain

Mother: Nuzhat Khan

Father: Anil Pal

Step-Father: Raj Zutshi

Great Uncle: Tahir Hussain

Uncle: Aamir Khan

Uncle: Faisal Khan

Aunt: Kiran Rao

Wife: Avantika Malik

Daughter: Imara Malik Khan

Imran Khan comes from an unusual Bollywood family for while other producers, directors or actors love the idea of creating and continuing a kind of Bollywood lineage that would keep their name alive, Imran Khan’s family has been quite reticent about trumpeting their Bollywood connections and antecedents.

Nasir Hussain – Grand Father

Imran Khan's maternal grandfather, Nasir Hussain.
Imran Khan’s maternal grandfather Nasir Hussain was a top director-producer during his time and can be credited with creating some of the biggest hits of his time. After his death, his son, Mansoor Ali Khan carried ahead his legacy successfully for some time. Imran Khan is emotionally invested in the idea of working under his grandfather’s banner and even though he finds it to be a unnerving challenge to live up to his grandfather’s name and reputation, he wants to do it. Imran Khan also has plans to restore all of his grandfather’s films digitally.

Nuzhat Khan – Mother

Imran Khan with mother, Nuzhat Khan.
Imran Khan's childhood pic.

Imran Khan’s mother, Nuzhat Khan is Nasir Hussain’s daughter and younger child. Imran Khan has acknowledged his mother’s contribution in single-handedly raising him after her divorce from his father, by taking on her surname of ‘Khan’ instead of his father’s surname of ‘Pal’. She is a psychologist who according to Imran, while being a very supportive and concerned mother, is quite critical of his professional work. While Imran Khan was growing up, Nuzhat often took unconventional steps whenever she felt her child needed it; as in the time, when she removed Imran from a well-reputed school because of the trauma he was suffering there and even to the extent of permitting him to follow a dynamic principal into the jungles, to live practically in the wild.

Anil Pal – Father

Imran Khan’s father is a Bengali software engineer, Anil Pal who is based in the US. Anil Pal and Mansoor Ali Khan were IIT batch mates. Anil married Nuzhat, but their marriage did not last long and Imran was just around two years old when his parents divorced and mother returned to India. Imran doesn’t have any memory of the time his parents were together as a couple. His father never remarried. Later on in his teens, Imran went to live with his father and completed his education there. In an interview, he has said that he as well as his fathers are calm people, not given to overt dramatics and that their reunion had no dramatic overtones. The two continue to be very much a part of each other’s life; his father even stays over at his place whenever he is in town and the two share a very cordial relationship. His British paternal grandmother had come down to India with his father when he was getting launched in Bollywood.

Raj Zutshi – Step-Father

Imran Khan's ex-step father, Raj Zutshi

Imran Khan’s mother married for the second time to actor Raj Zutshi, but the two got divorced after being married for around sixteen years; the two didn’t have any children. During his childhood, his step-father was an influential father figure for him. It is to Imran’s mother’s credit that Imran had a caring atmosphere at home while growing up, for he felt supported by all three parents. Even after the divorce, Imran and Raj continue to share a cordial relationship.

Mansoor Ali Khan – Uncle

Imran Khan as a child with Maternal uncle, Mansoor Ali Khan.
Imran Khan's mother with her brother, Mansoor Ali Khan.

Imran Khan is very close to his maternal uncle Mansoor Ali Khan. Mansoor Ali Khan is one of those rare people from Bollywood, who turned his back on a successful career to lead a life as a gentleman farmer, far removed from all the glamour of the filmworld. Imran is also very close to Mansoor’s kids, his cousins. Mansoor also had a hand along with Aamir Khan in launching Imran Khan in Bollywood under Aamir’s home production banner.

Avantika and Imara Malik Khan – Wife and Daughter

Imran Khan with wife, Avantika Malik.
Imran Khan with wife, Avantika Malik and daughter, Imara Malik Khan.

Imran Khan married his childhood sweetheart, Avantika Malik whom he had been dating since he was nineteen years old. The two are now proud parents of new daughter, Imara. He calls Avantika his closest confidante. He recalls Avantika as a pretty girl with whom he had liked talking to and had enjoyed meeting up, too. They lived together for eight years before tying the knot. For Imran, old-fashioned terms such as chivalry and fidelity are very important in a relationship.
For him, parenthood is to be taken seriously and he would always choose his child over career opportunities. He aspires to be a hands-on father and to experience fatherhood first-hand.


Tahir Hussain – Great Uncle

Tahir Hussain with his sons, Aamir and Faisal Khan.
Aamir Khan with his mother, Zeenat Hussain and father, Tahir Hussain.

Imran Khan's great aunt, Zeenat Hussain with her daughter, Nikhat Khan.
Imran Khan's mother, Nuzhat Khan with maternal cousin, Nikhat Khan and Reena Dutta
Imran Khan’s maternal great uncle was director-producer, Tahir Hussain. He and wife, Zeenat Hussain are parents to Aamir Khan, Faisal Khan, Nikhat Khan and Farhat Khan.

Aamir, Faisal Khan and Kiran Rao – Uncles and Aunt

Imran Khan as a child with uncle, Aamir Khan.
Imran Khan with uncle, Aamir Khan and aunt, Kiran Rao.
Imran Khan's maternal uncle, Faisal Khan.

Imran Khan is very close to his maternal uncle Aamir Khan. Imran has practically grown up at their house and recalls that when he was just a kid, Aamir would bully him a lot and thus he didn’t very much like him, but when he became a teen, their relationship changed and they drew closer and now they are friends who share a similar sense of humour. He says that Aamir is critical of his work, but is absolutely non-involved in the process of it. Aamir Khan has obviously been supportive of his nephew because he introduced the young Imran in a film made under his own production banner. Imran now finds Aamir to have been a major influence in his life because he has learnt from him that a person can learn from their mistakes. From all accounts, cousins Aamir and Nuzhat Khan are quite close.
Imran Khan is also on friendly terms with Aamir Khan’s second wife, director, Kiran Rao. Aamirs children Junaid Khan and Ira Khan are his first cousins.