John Abraham Family Members:

John Abraham with his parents and brother.

Father: Abraham John

Mother: Firoze Irani

Brother: Alan Abraham

Sister-In-Law: Anca Florescu Abraham

Wife: Priya Runchal

Ex-Girlfriend: Bipasha Basu

Abraham John – John Abraham Father

John Abraham with his father, Abraham John.
John Abraham as a child with his father and brother.

John Abraham doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve as far as his parents are concerned, but it is clear to all that he enjoys a deep connect with his family.
John Abraham comes from multi-religious family. His father, Abraham John is a Keralite who belongs to the Syrian Christian faith. He is an architect and along with his elder son, owns the AJ ( Abraham John Architect) firm. It was his father, who gave John his biblical name and Abraham as his surname according to the Nasrani or Saint Thomas Christian naming system.
John’s father is very much a presence in John’s life. In an interview show, he had commented on John’s romantic relationship with then girlfriend, Bipasha Basu saying that he liked her and that John should settle down with any girl he liked. When John married Priya Runchal, it was again he who came out with a statement saying that he was very happy to welcome the new addition to the family. He has revealed that Priya would always drop in at their place whenever she was in town and has gone on to call her an intelligent girl who is a good match for John.

Firoze Irani – John Abraham Mother

John Abraham with his mother, Firoze Irani.
John Abraham with his mother, Firoze Irani.

John Abraham’s mother is Firoze Irani who is a Zoroastrian Parsi and a homemaker. John even has the Parsi name of Farhan, which was given to him by her side of the family. Since his paternal relatives were mostly abroad, it was his mother’s side of the family who probably influenced him more. Though he has grown up eating Parsi food and loves it, he finds his mother’s cooking of the Keralite ‘avial’ dish to be the best he has ever tasted! John finds his mother’s cooking worth dying for and finds any chance he gets to go over to his parents’ house to eat his mother’s cooking!
He has commented in an interview that he has not been the greatest of sons to his mother and they often tend to fight and argue, but he goes on to call her the best mother one can have. John appreciates his mother for her charitable work with old age homes, children as well as animals and credits his mother for making him aware as well as care for the less privileged.
John Abraham has spoken about his mother’s love for films, especially the older black and white films and her being a big Shammi Kapoor fan and lover of old film songs.
His mother is uncomfortable in front of the media and likes to keep a low profile as far as the media is concerned. In a rare interview, she had commented that she would like a homely, understanding and caring girl for her son, during the period John was in a relationship with Bipasha.

Alan Abraham – John Abraham Brother

John Abraham with his parents and brother, Alan Abraham.
John Abraham with his brother, Alan Abraham.

John Abraham’s elder brother is Alan Abraham who is an architect and photographer and is part of his father’s AJ architecture firm. He has received laurels for the work he has done on his brother’s apartment and his warm personality has permeated into his work. He is also currently doing up actor Hrithik Roshan’s apartment. John revealed in an interview that when Alan was studying in France, he was approached for a French film, which he went on to turn down.
John’s father and brother recently won an award for designing John’s office and John went on to proclaim his pride in his brother on Twitter.

Anca Florescu Abraham – John Abraham Sister-In-Law

John Abraham with his brother, Alan Abraham and sister-in-law, Anca Florescu Abraham
John Abraham with his sister-in-law, Anca Florescu Abraham.
Alan Abraham is married to Romanian Anca Florescu who is an interior designer working alongside her husband and father-in-law in the same firm. She too, played a major part in designing John’s beautiful home. John is close to his sister-in-law from all accounts and recently gave her an Audi Q3 as her birthday present.

Priya Runchal – John Abraham Wife

John Abraham with his wife, Priya Runchal.
John Abraham with his wife, Priya Runchal.

John Abraham recently got himself hitched to investment banker Priya Runchal. There were some reports in the media that the couple had first met at a common gym, but another source revealed that they had actually met through a mutual friend in 2011, post his break up with actress Bipasha Basu. John has been firm in denying reports that Priya came into his life when he was still in a relationship with Bipasha. Unlike his high profile romantic relationship with Bipasha, John made sure that this time his relationship with Priya was as low profile as possible. So, though the couple were seen in public together, John gave no comments regarding her. Even the news of his marriage, which was subtly given through his social network page, came as a surprise for the media and public. Their marriage was small and intimate with only relatives and close friends attending. Priya is not very familiar with the Bollywood scene and has to date, preferred to give no interviews. At present, Priya and John are a long distance couple as Priya remains in US, doing her higher studies.

Bipasha Basu – John Abraham Ex-Girlfriend

John Abraham with then girlfriend, Bipasha Basu.
John Abraham with then girlfriend, Bipasha Basu.
John Abraham was in a long relationship with Bengali bombshell, Bipasha Basu. The couple were together for almost eight years and were often referred to as the ‘golden couple’ or the ‘super couple.’ For reasons unknown, the couple split up, and though Bipasha in an interview spoke about her feelings of betrayal, John has kept a discreet silence on this issue.