John Abraham’s House

John Abraham's House

Did you know that John Abraham, who is one of Bollywood’s hunkiest stars, is also one of its smartest real estate owners? John is reputed to not only have around 60,000 sq. ft of premier property in Mumbai, but he also has a home in the exclusive area of Bel Air, Los Angeles, USA, which boasts of home owners like Hollywood A-list stars Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie. In his vision to go global, he even has property in an upscale neighbourhood of Central London.

John Abraham’s House With A View

John Abraham's House With A View

One can probably have inkling if his out-of the-box kind of thinking, when one gets to see his house, which is unlike any other Bollywood star’s house that have a tendency to scream ‘Look at me!’

John’s house is at Bandra Bandstand and is an AJA or Abraham John Architects project, which is the interiors firm run by his father Abraham John and brother Alan Abraham.

In 2011, John allowed Vogue India magazine to enter his house and take photographs to share it with the curious public.

View Of The Arabian Sea From John Abraham’s House

View Of The Arabian Sea From John Abraham's House

His duplex style house covers an area of around 5,000 sq ft and has two floors. John wanted his personal space to encompass nature and has used wood and glass to convey his ideas of minimalism. The wraparound style of house has done away with walls, to give John the best views of around the house, including the fabulous Arabian Sea view from his balcony.

John, who is personally unfussy about his living space and was quite content in the single room on the terrace, was persuaded by his parents and friends to do something about his living space. He then went about it with definite ideas of his own and helped by his architect Abraham John and brother, Alan. The house just took 14 months to take shape.

John Abraham’s Uncluttered House

John Abraham's Uncluttered House


Earlier he used to live in the 700 square feet flat on the terrace of the same building, which was actually the outhouse, for almost five years. The house was divided into a bathroom and kitchen, and the other just had a sofa that could be transformed into a bed for sleeping. He didn’t require a closet because his clothes could fit into one giant suitcase!

Inside John Abraham’s House

Inside John Abraham''s House

John Abraham was clear that he wanted a house with clean lines, a flowing space with a clear horizon. He made sure that the openness of the house was maintained by the use of glass walls in places which weren’t meant for open viewing like the bathroom. His bathroom has all the modern accoutrements including a Jacuzzi and a 130 inch projector screen.

John Abraham’s Living Area

John Abraham's Living Area

There’s a cantilevered staircase that goes from the living and dining space to the room, which was previously the outhouse and now renovated into an entertainment centre. Since John hates bright colours as a colour scheme for the house, the central theme of the house has been kept warm, earthy and functional with no unnecessary clutter; his walls have no photographs or wall hangings; John doesn’t have any decoration which could give a clue to a stranger regarding his profession.

Another Seaside View From John Abraham’s House

Another Seaside View From John Abraham's House

The lighting of the house has spotlights that can be manipulated to give different effects as desired, like more or less light intensities.

Though the house has a very open feel too it, it has been designed so beautifully that it is able to provide enough privacy to the star.

John Abraham chose his furniture and accessories from the Genelec, Paola Lenti, BoConcept and Villeroy & Boch collections.