Kangana Ranaut Family Members:

Kangana Ranaut with her Mother, Sister Rangoli and Brother, Akshit Ranaut.

Father: Amardeep Ranaut

Mother: Asha

Sister: Rangoli

Brother: Akshit Ranaut

Brother-In-Law: Ajay Chandel

Ex-Boyfriend: Aditya Pancholi

Ex-Boyfriend: Adhyayan Suman

Ex-Boyfriend: Ajay Devgn

Ex-Boyfriend: Nicholas Lafferty

Amardeep Ranaut – Kangana Ranaut Father

Kangana Ranaut with her parents and great grandmother.
Kangana Ranaut's childhood picture.
Kangana Ranaut’s story is on the face of it, a veritable fairy tale come true, of how a young middle-class girl from a small town in India, became the flavour of Bollywood in the big bad city of Mumbai.
Kangana Ranaut’s parents are a typical pahadi, middle class couple living in Bhambla, which is near Manali, in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Her father is Amardeep Ranaut is a businessman and contractor. Kangana often refers to her father as being a good man, albeit a conservative one with a narrow vision of the status of women. In an interview, she recounted how she and her siblings were treated differently, even at play; while her brother was encouraged to play the superhero’s part, the girls had to play the supportive parts! Her father went to the extent of throwing out his young daughter from the family home when she wanted to quit studies to pursue other interests. While she understands her father’s motivations now, it must have been a trying time growing up in such a household for an ambitious girl like Kangana.
Kangana Ranaut’s grandfather was an IAS officer who asked Kangana to drop the family surname after watching her kissing scene in her first film!

Asha – Kangana Ranaut Mother

Kangana Ranaut with her mother, Asha.
Kangana Ranaut’s mother, Asha is a school teacher and was the only one in the family who supported her daughter throughout. It must have required courage for Asha to support Kangana in her Bollywood dreams in the midst of so much opposition to it, in the family. But, now Asha is proud of the fact that Kangana made her mark in the difficult film industry, even though she was a rank outsider and didn’t know many people in the industry.
Kangana calls her parents simple people just like the other pahadis are and says her mother is a woman of substance, of self-respect and strength who continues to manage a huge joint family, effortlessly. An avid gardener, Asha has taught everything regarding household work to her children. Asha remains old-fashioned and would have preferred it if Kangana and her sister would have got married at sixteen.

Rangoli and Ajay Chandel – Kangana Ranaut Sister and Brother-In-Law

Kangana Ranaut with her elder sister, Rangoli in an old snap.
Kangana Ranaut with her elder sister, Rangoli.
Kangana Ranaut with Rangoli and Ajay Chandel.

Kangana Ranaut is close to her elder sister, Rangoli and has been a source of immense support when Rangoli really needed it. Rangoli was in the news in 2006, when an unknown man threw acid on her face in Dehradun. She suffered burns mainly on her shoulders, though her face was also affected. She was at that time engaged to Vikram, an army officer, who rushed to her side on hearing the horrendous news. It was alleged that the acid throwing was a case of unrequited love. Kangana provided all the logistical and financial help for her sister’s treatment, though Aditya Pancholi, at that time Kangana Ranaut’s boyfriend, has claimed that it was he who helped the Ranaut family during this time.
In 2011, Rangoli married her childhood friend, hotelier Ajay Chandel, a Himachali boy who is Delhi based.

Akshit Ranaut – Kangana Ranaut Brother

Kangana Ranaut with Akshit and Rangoli.

Kangana Ranaut has a younger brother, Akshit who is just a year younger to Kangana.

Aditya Pancholi – Kangana Ranaut Ex-Boyfriend

Kangana Ranaut with Aditya Pancholi.

Kangana Ranaut met actor Aditya Pancholi when she was just eighteen years old and yet to make her first movie. Aditya was a much married man to actress Zarina Wahab and known for his extra-marital affairs, and was twenty years older than her, almost double Kangana’s age. The two were soon living together and he became her mentor and kind of manager. They were often seen publicly together at that time, freely moving around and living together for almost three years as husband and wife. According to Aditya, he was very much in love with Kangana, making a love nest with her in his friend’s house even while being in the process of building a home for the two of them on Yari Road. But, it is alleged that Aditya’s possessive and violent behaviour towards her drove the young actress away from him; at one time Kangana had to file a police complaint against him because of the violence. By 2008, they had called it quits. Also added to the equation was her growing closeness to another debutant actor, Adhyayan Suman, actor-producer Shekhar Suman’s son, who was much closer in age to the actress than Aditya was.

Adhyayan Suman – Kangana Ranaut Ex-Boyfriend

Kangana Ranaut with Adhyayan Suman.

Adhyayan Suman and Kangana met while shooting for their film Raaz 2. They were together for some time, till Adhyayan took a unilateral decision to break up with her for professional reasons and the need to focus on his career, leaving Kangana shocked at his decision and changing priorities, but she put a brave face to it and called the split amicable.

Ajay Devgn – Kangana Ranaut Ex-Boyfriend

Kangana Ranaut with Ajay Devgn in a movie still.

It is alleged that Kangana became close to another married actor, Ajay Devgn, post her break up. They became close while shooting for their film Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. Despite being married to actress Kajol, Ajay started recommending Kangana for more movie projects till things turned uncomfortable for him. Kangana turned emotionally demanding of Ajay Devgn, who had no intention of leaving his wife for her, and soon broke all ties with her. The split was apparent to the public when Kangana was nowhere to be seen in all the promotional campaigns carried out for their movie.

Nicholas Lafferty – Kangana Ranaut Ex-Boyfriend

Kangana Ranaut with Nicholas Lafferty.

Almost as a rebound, Kangana Ranaut became romantically involved with twenty eight year old UK based doctor and scientist Nicholas Lafferty. But, the long distance relationship couldn’t pass the test of time and now, Kangana is heart free and busy pursuing her celluloid dreams and lapping up the accolades.