Karan Johar Family Members:

Karan Johar with his mother, Hiroo Johar.
Father: Yash Johar

Mother: Hiroo Johar

Uncle: Yash Chopra

Aunt: Pamela Chopra

Uncle: B.R.Chopra

Cousin: Aditya Chopra

Cousin: Uday Chopra

Cousin: Ravi Chopra

Cousin: Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Yash Johar – Karan Johar Father

Karan Johar's father, Yash Johar.
Karan Johar's parents.
Karan Johar is the son of Bollywood’s famous producer, late Yash Johar. According to Karan, his father was a very humorous man, who always preferred to speak in Punjabi and always tried to get a cheaper deal! Karan was a shy and pampered son when he had to take on the control of his father’s Dharma Productions. For Karan, much of his journey has been about taking his father’s production house to a new and high level, restoring the name and pride of his father’s creation; be it reworking the original ‘Agneepath’, which had been a huge financial loss for his father and to make it 2012’s blockbuster film or by making it a brand name to reckon with. He has been a witness to the fickle ways of the industry and seen both the high and lows of his father’s career. In his initial years as a director, Karan continued to be influenced by his father and directed films that featured family values and traditions amidst lavish sets and locations and it is only now that he is seen encouraging different kinds of cinema.

Hiroo Johar – Karan Johar Mother

Karan Johar with mother, Hiroo Johar.
Karan Johar is extremely close to his mother, Hiroo Johar and credits her for supporting him when he was a shy, asthmatic and overweight little boy who got picked on by bullies, by encouraging him to go out and face the world and be the best he can be and not be mediocre. As an adult, he calls her his 4am buddy whom he can talk to anytime and about anything.
Hiroo, herself comes from a family where all her siblings and their children are associated with the Bollywood film industry. She is the only sister and the youngest of the famous Chopra brothers: B.R.Chopra, Yash Chopra and Vinod Chopra who all ran famous production houses.

Yash Chopra – Karan Johar Uncle

Karan Johar with uncle, Yash Chopra.
Famous producer-director, the late Yash Chopra was Karan Johar’s maternal uncle. Though, Karan never flaunted his relationship with Yash Chopra, he said that he was deeply privileged and honoured to have him as a father figure. Karan loved his uncle very much and felt great that he grew up around him; the comfort factor was great because Yash Chopra always told him that he should never say that he didn’t have a father, because he was there for him, as a father, always. it must have been a tremendous shock for Karan when Yash Chopra passed away due to dengue complications, recently.

Pamela Chopra – Karan Johar Aunt

Karan Johar's uncle, Yash Chopra and aunt, Pamela Chopra.
Karan Johar's mother and aunt.
Yash Chopra with wife and sons.
Karan Johar’s mother, Hiroo, is often seen with her sister-in-law, Pamela Chopra pointing towards a real closeness between the two families. While Pamela was often seen with her late husband, Yash Chopra attending various Bollywood programmes, she has otherwise kept her privacy intact and has not allowed the media into her personal thoughts. Pamela has been happy looking after her family and being a homemaker. Similarly, probably because of Karan’s respect for her need for privacy, he hasn’t brought her into conversations with the media.

B.R.Chopra – Karan Johar Uncle

Karan Johar's uncles' Yash Chopra and B.R.Chopra.
B.R. Chopra was the eldest of the Chopra siblings and founded their first production house. While B.R.Chopra and Yash chopra were close as Yash had started his career with his brother’s production house and only later split away, not much is known about the closeness between him and Karan Johar. They have rarely been seen together in public and even during his funeral, both Karan and his mother weren’t seen attending.

Aditya Chopra – Karan Johar Cousin

Karan Johar with Aditya Chopra and Aryan Khan.
Ultra reclusive Aditya Chopra who heads his father, late Yash Chopra’s production house, is Karan Johar’s cousin. The two are said to be very close to each other; Karan made his first screen appearance in Aditya’s first directorial venture. Respecting Aditya’s almost obsessive need for privacy, Karan keeps out any mention of him from his conversations with the media.

Uday Chopra – Karan Johar Cousin

 Uday Chopra with his mother, Pamela Chopra.
Uday Chopra is Yash Chopra’s younger son and Karan Johar’s cousin. He is much younger than Karan and Aditya, so his friend circle is different. Though, with such close family ties between Yash Chopra’s family and his own, Karan must be close to Uday too.

Ravi Chopra – Karan Johar Cousin

Karan Johar's cousin, Ravi Chopra.
Ravi Chopra is B.R.Chopra’s son and Karan Johar’s cousin. Not much is known about the relationship between this branch of the Chopra family and the Johar’s. Though both Ravi and Karan have shared common public platforms, they haven’t stood next to each other, probably indicating an emotional distance too?

Vidhu Vinod Chopra – Karan Johar Cousin

Vinod Chopra and wife, Anupama at his cousin, Karan Johar's 40th birthday party.
Karan Johar with cousin Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Vidya Balan.
Vidhu Vinod Chopra is Vinod Chopra’s son and another cousin of Karan Johar’s. These two cousins are close and can be often seen attending each other’s public and private functions. Their body language indicates a closeness between the two and closeness between these two branches of the family.