The Initial Years

Kareena Kapoor height, weight - the initial years

Kareena Kapoor is the youngest of the Randhir Kapoor daughters and seems to have inherited the genes of gaining weight easily. The Kapoor is notoriously well known for their fondness for drink and food and piling on the kilos.

Cute and Plump

Kareena Kapoor height, weight - cute and plump


When Kareena made her entry into the Bollywood industry, she looked like a typical ‘khate-peete-ghar ki’ Punjabi girl, a very beautiful one. The gorgeous girl, who is fairly tall and is around 5’5”, weighed almost 58kg during this time.

Punjabi Kudi

Kareena Kapoor height, weight - punjabi kudi

Probably bowing to the compulsions to get a more toned and fit body, she turned vegetarian, majorly influenced by her ex boyfriend Shahid Kapoor, a strict vegetarian himself. Ashtanga Yoga came into her life and the world slowly started noticing the difference in her.

That’s the Way I Like It!

Kareena Kapoor height, weight - That's the way I like it!


During ‘Tashan’ her obvious weight loss invoked a huge controversy. She reportedly had dropped almost 6 kg to weigh a mere 52kg and this caused a lot of criticism in the media regarding being a poor role model for young girls. Though she looked smoking hot in the bikini scenes from the movie, a certain amount of gauntness was seen on her face.

Size Zero

Kareena Kapoor height, weight - size zero


She seems to be on a more comfortable weight programme and a sexy, yet even better looking Kareena is being seen now in her recent outings.