Katrina Kaif's diet helps her retain her hot figure

Katrina Kaif is a Bollywood actor who has stunned everyone with her fabulous performance in the industry. What makes her special is her perfect 10 figure. She has been described as a woman blessed with a curvaceous body while being athletic at the same time. While many might say that her genes are responsible for her perfect figure what is noteworthy is that Katrina follows a very strict diet regimen to maintain her sexy figure. A healthy mind and a healthy diet is Katrina Kaif’s secret behind her perfect figure. Regular yoga and exercises have helped the actress achieve this figure.

Many fans across the world would love to get their hands on Katrina Kaif’s diet plan to achieve a figure like hers. Some pointers for you all.

1. Katrina Kaif has a diet which includes lots of fruits, green salad, vegetables and grilled fish. She loves grilled fish and avoids having rice.
2. Her diet secret is her strict routine – eat the right food at right time.
3. Katrina avoids eating food rich in starch and eats boiled vegetables instead. Whenever she has hunger pangs, she has a bowl of fruits to beat it.
4. As soon as Katrina wakes up she drinks 4 glasses of water first thing in the morning .
5. For breakfast, she consumes brown bread with peanut butter or egg whites.
6. For lunch, her diet includes grilled fish and green salad, brown rice, legumes. She does not consume chicken anymore as it is rich in fat.
7. A macrobiotic diet is what she follows as it makes one stay fit and healthy.