All you ever wanted to know about the 7 Kaif sisters – Natasha, Sonia, Isabel, Mellisa, Sarah, Christina and Katrina Kaif

The gorgeous Katrina Kaif, was the most googled star in the year 2011 and remains one of the most googled stars even today. She is truly a child of destiny, who has traversed the world, being born in Hong Kong and growing up in countries like China, Japan, France and other European countries including England to finally finding her place in history in the maximum city of Mumbai, in India’s large Hindi film industry as one of its biggest and busiest stars today.

A lovely childhood family picture

Katrina Kaif Sisters- a lovely childhood family picture

Superstar Katrina Kaif’s Indian connection comes from her father, Mohammed Kaif who is of Indian Kashmiri origin, while her mother is Susanna Turquotte, is a Britisher. Katrina is part of a large family and is one of seven sisters and has a brother too.Angel faced Katrina Kaif has always been expressive about her love for her mother and sisters during her interviews with the media even though she has kept her personal life under tight wraps. All we get to glean from whatever she lets out is that she loves to spend time with her sisters and mother in England. Katrina is also actively involved in helping her mother with her charity work.

The Kaif siblings laughing and having fun


Katrina Kaif Sisters- laughing and having fun

It is obvious from various pictures that Katrina is her true self with her sisters; relaxed and at ease, unlike in India, where she is generally very careful with her words and looks when she is out in the public area.

Katrina Kaif with her siblings

Katrina Kaif Sisters- stepping out with their brother

It must be difficult for the beauteous Katrina Kaif to be herself because of her immense popularity in India; she would probably get horribly mobbed if she dared to venture out in the public space casually. But, it is with her sisters and family that Katrina can find peace and joy.

Making pretty faces for the camera

Katrina Kaif Sisters- making faces for the camera

Even though the reserved Katrina Kaif is not very forthcoming about the details regarding her family and sisters, we do know that Katrina’s sisters are Isabel, Mellisa, Sarah, Christina, Sonia and Natasha. The Hindi film industry recently had been abuzz with rumors regarding Katrina’s younger sister, pretty Isabel’s probable entry into the same film world as her. Katrina has been seen escorting Isabel to various film dos in Mumbai, but it remains unconfirmed if Katrina would be launching her sister, Isabel or if she would be getting outside offers and if so, then when.

Katrina with Isabel


Katrina Kaif Sisters-with Isabel

Katrina Kaif’s luck in becoming one of the major female actors in India is undeniable, but her success cannot be put down to merely her luck, pretty looks or even her association with Salman; Katrina’s professionalism, hard work, discipline and sheer determination is recognized by her collegues and is something to be admired and appreciated by all.

Happy togetherness

Katrina Kaif Sisters- happy togetherness