Katrina Kaif is one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood, today; her luminescent skin and flawless complexion are a true gift from god. Katrina has an enviable combination of an angelic and beautiful face and smile and body that is to die for. She has the kind of looks which seem to be attractive to both the genders.

At a Photography Exhibition

at a photography exhibition

Though Katrina Kaif is very conscious of her image in public and is always picture perfect in her public appearances, it is not rare to see a Katrina Kaif without make up. Her rare beauty does not actually need the addition of makeup.

With Her Sisters

with her sisters


From the various sightings of Katrina Kaif without make up in public, we can gather that she generally doesn’t seem to feel the need to put on her make up when she is travelling, or is with her friends and family.

Luminescent Beauty

Luminescent beauty


Katrina Kaif is also one of the modern breed of young actors who aren’t afraid to step out in the public eye without their makeup, a vital tool in their public image game.

Serenely Beautiful

Serenely Beautiful


It is refreshing to see Katrina Kaif without her makeup on, just like any one of us. The self confidence of this young lot of actors and the ease they have with their own looks is something to be emulated.

Giving a Charming Smile

giving a charming smile


As compared to stars of the previous generation, actors like Katrina Kaif do not let people’s expectation of them take over their lives. The stars of before used makeup like an armour against the world and sometimes like a barrier.

Striding Forward Confidently

striding forward confidently


Let’s check out some of the other numerous occasions , Katrina has graced us without her makeup.

Driving Out

Driving out

Travelling Time

Travelling time

At the Airport

at the airport

Quiet Grace

quiet grace