When Madhuri was the ruling Queen Bee of Bollywood, she had a house in Juhu, Mumbai. She left Bollywood behind when she got married to Dr. Nene, who was a Maharashtrian based in USA.

Madhuri Dixit With Family

Madhuri in her Denver House

Madhuri Dixit In Her Denver House

Madhuri made a home for herself and lived in relative anonymity in Denver, Colorado, where she had her two sons Ryan and Arin. She kept visiting Mumbai and her family and when Bollywood beckoned, she once again put on pancake for the Yash Raj film Aaja Nachle Le. When the film failed at the box office, she went back to the US only to return again, this time for television. Suddenly, Madhuri was in the news again and the family took a collective decision to return to Mumbai to pursue this second innings of Madhuri’s.

Madhuri Dixit House in Denver, Colorado, USA

Madhuri Dixit's Denver House

On return, Madhuri opted to stay on in her Juhu apartment after refurbishing it and make it more child friendly for her children. But, needs of growing up children demands more space and consequently Madhuri has begun her search for a larger house in Mumbai’s suburban area.

Madhuri Dixit Rules Again