Parineeti Chopra Family Members:

Father: Pawan Chopra

Mother: Reena Chopra

Brother: Shivang Chopra

Brother: Saraj Chopra

Cousin: Priyanka Chopra

Parineeti with her dad Pawan Chopra, mom Reena Chopra & bro Saraj Chopra

Pawan Chopra – Father

Ishaqzaade girl Parineeti Chopra’s dad, Pawan Chopra is a businessman and a supplier to the Indian Army.

Parineeti’s dad is very strict and thus a live-in relationship is a distant thought for her unlike in reel life, where she offers to start a live-in relationship with heartthrob Sushant Singh Rajput (her co – star in the movie Shuddh Desi Romance).Her family environment will never allow her to do something of that sort. She’s still a 10 – year-old for her dad and he would slap her if she indulges in anything as such!

Parineeti with her dad Pawan Chopra

Parineeti with her dad Pawan Chopra & mom Reena Chopra at an Awards function

Mr. Chopra is a typical orthodox, narrow-minded Punjabi man, in front of whom one can’t even utter the word boyfriend. Being linked to the army, he expects Parineeti to get up at seven in the morning and go for a jog.

Her dad was not very well off financially. They had little money and therefore she would go to school on a cycle!

Parineeti with her dad Pawan Chopra & mom Reena Chopra

Reena Chopra – Mother

Reena Chopra, Parineeti’s mom, is a homemaker.

Reena went to New Delhi for a one-year course and her relatives wanted to marry her off. Parineeti said that her mom went to see her dad at a singing performance where her (Parineeti’s) father and Priyanka Chopra’s father were performing Parineeti’s mother fell in love with her father and married him.

Parineeti with her mom Reena Chopra

Mrs. Chopra is proud that Parineeti hasn’t changed in all these years. ‘Parineeti has always been exactly the same person as she is today … happy, chirpy, and unmindful of being judged … a say – it – like – it- is sort of girl’, said her mom.

Cute Parineeti with mom Reena Chopra

Her mom remembers an instance from her childhood: ‘We were once summoned to the principal’s office and we wondered why … it turned out that Parineeti did the entire English and Maths exams for her friend who went blank during the exam … are you supposed to explain to a three – year-old that she was wrong in cheating for her friend or give her a big hug for coming to her friend’s rescue … we gave innocence the benefit of the doubt’!

Parineeti with her mother Reena Chopra

Parineeti holidaying with  mom Reena Chopra

Shivang Chopra – Brother

Shivang Chopra is Parineeti Chopra’s younger brother.

She shares a very good bonding with her bro Shivang. Pari’s cute brother was recently spotted posing with her at an awards function.

Parineeti with bro Shivang Chopra

Parineeti with bro Shivang Chopra at an Awards function

Parineeti hugs bro Shivang Chopra

Saraj Chopra – Brother

Saraj Chopra is also Parineeti’s younger bro.

‘My brothers Sahaj and Shivang are my buddies ever since they grew up. I am the eldest and I love pampering and spoiling them on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan’, said Parineeti!

Parineeti with bro Saraj Chopra at an Awards function

Parineeti with her brothers Shivang Chopra & Saraj Chopra

Priyanka Chopra – Cousin Sister

Parineeti Chopra’s cousin, the multi – talented Priyanka Chopra, is a huge inspiration for her.She shares a great understanding with sis Priyanka and also seeks suggestions from her regarding acting.

Parineeti used to go to YRF (Yash Raj Films) with her sister Priyanka, while she would shoot for a film. She (Parineeti) used to judge films and actors and feel they were useless and would often tell her sis, ‘You have such an easy job. You just have to wear good clothes and travel the world and make money.’ Priyanka would get very disturbed and say, ‘You don’t know what acting is.’ But all that seemed to be theory for her (Parineeti)!

Parineeti with her cousin Priyanka Chopra

Parineeti applied and got a job as a marketing intern with YRF and started enjoying films and then got herself a permanent job. After a year, shethought of giving acting a shot. Pari had only done school plays for annual days before that. ‘The good thing was that I did not struggle and got my first film, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl easily’, said she.

Parineeti with her cousin Priyanka Chopra at an event

Parineeti had worked on the marketing of Band Baaja Baaraat and Maneesh Sharma would often see her and say, ‘Why don’t you become an actress?’ which got her thinking, but she did not do anything till one day he sent her to the casting director to give an audition. After a few months, she resigned from her job as she had decided to go and take up an acting course. But the very next day, she got a call from Maneesh saying they wanted to sign a three-film deal with her. Parineeti went to meet Adi (Aditya Chopra) and just cried and hugged him!

Since the time Parineeti Chopra, who received a lot of acclaim for her portrayal of a brash Punjabi kudi in her debut movie Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl, stepped into the glamour world, she has never stopped raving over elder sister Priyanka Chopra’s hour glass figure and acting skills. Parineeti’s all praises for sis Priyanka and recently admitted that she finds herself inferior to stand next to sexy Priyanka., Priyanka reacted to this by saying that she would slap Parineeti and would throw her into the gym for such comments. Priyanka had never heard her (Parineeti) say something like that, but she is someone who is effervescent, energetic and beautiful. ‘I guess it runs in the family’, said Pri Chops! Looks like the young Pari had to lose oodles of weight to step into films!

Parineeti sitting with cousin Priyanka Chopra at an Awards ceremony

‘In our family, people have no idea of what scripts to choose. So the only person from whom I can take an idea is Priyanka’ said the 24 – year-old Parineeti. Priyanka said that while there was no one to support her,back her or help herwhen she entered Bollywood,now that she’s there she would definitely help her cousins (Parineeti, Meera and Barbie) to make a mark in the film industry. She (Priyanka) was not from the film industry and was alone but she will protect hersisters and will make sure that she’s there for them. ‘It warms my heart to see my cousins coming here’– said Priyanka.

After bagging the Miss World title in 2000, Priyanka ventured into films, and she is among the top Bollywood actresses today. She has also forayed into singing with two international singles – In My City and Exotic. ‘The kind of launch she has got … I don’t think any singer must have got. Singers always wait for one hit song so that they can move in the right direction, but she has directly reached Hollywood. It’s the biggest launch ever’, said Parineeti on her sis’s success on music. Parineeti said that if she gets any such opportunity she would never say no to it.
Parineeti seems to harbour singing dreams too!
She wishes to become a playback singer. Parineeti is trained in singing and one day she’ll certainly sing!