Your change for a sneak peek into superstar Salman Khan’s house

The handsome hunk of the Indian film industry, Salman has spent more than 40 years in Galaxy Apartments. He has been residing here since his childhood days along with his parents and sweet little sister Arpita. The Salman Khan house is located at Bandstand, in the suburb of Bandra, in the city of Mumbai.

Salman Khan with his family in his house

Even after achieving success, he did not change his address and move to a lavish and classy high rise since he has grown up here and is used to everything the way it is. The actor is deeply attached to his childhood memories associated with this building.

Salman Khan's multi storeyed flat in Bandstand, Bandra

Galaxy Apartments has been occupied by the Khans since last four decades and has never lied vacant, till date. The abode of Salman Khan and his family has almost become a landmark to all those people residing in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Sallu Bhai’s fan followers gather in front of his apartment during his birthday or Eid festivities every year, just to catch a glimpse of their favourite superstar! The superstar himself comes out to the verandah to greet and wave to millions of admirers.

Salman Khan waving his fans from his veranda!

Salman Khan's house gate decorated with flowers for Eid

The Dabangg star waving his fan followers from his balcony

Salman Khan saluting his fans on his birth day from his veranda

Another image of the superstar waving his fans

Sources reveal that the property is lying unoccupied for some time now. Salman along with his family have moved out since last six months. On querying, sources came to know that Salim Khan, Salman’s father has emptied the first floor of the Galaxy Apartments as it is getting a face lift. The flat needs to get renovated as it has started developing cracks at few places.

Salman Khan coming out of his house

The Dabangg star in a recent interview, quipped that the space in Galaxy Apartments fell short to accommodate his shoes and clothes! He finds it extremely difficult as it seems not to have enough space. He also says that he has stayed as long as he could in Galaxy Apartments and now it’s time to move out in order not to get too used to it!

‘Frankly speaking, I am not at all comfortable shifting to a new and bigger place’, reveals the actor. But it has become increasingly uncomfortable for him to accommodate himself and his luxuries (truck loads of accessories and attires) in his one bedroom floor which compels the actor to move out of the house!

And now the question is, will the superstar be able to stay away from his daddy? Well, this time also his father will accompany him to his new home to add a homely touch to his residence.

Car parking space outside Galaxy Apartments

Salman Khan with his bike in his garage

Currently, the 47 year old actor has rented a flat near Parineeta director VidhuVinod Chopra’s Bandra home, along with his parents, Salim and Salma Khan, his brother and actor / producer Sohail Khan with his wife and son and his sister Arpita. They have got a property and it is under construction. Once it is done, the actor plans to move out there.

The superstar owns a big farmhouse in Panvel as well where he often goes to unwind during his weekends and holidays. Most of his birthdays and Eid celebrations are also there.

Salman Khan's farmhouse in Panvel

The boards lead to Salman Khan's farmhouse

Salman Khan waves his fans from his Panvel farmhouse

Front view of Salman Khan Panvel farmhouse

Inside Salman Khan's farmhouse in Panvel

But this time, he plans to shift to a bigger bungalow all alone and this is what leaves one to wonder whether this mamma’s boy can cope living on his own! Or can one hope that this time he plans to share the it with someone special? Whatever the fact is, his fans will continue to throng his new residence as well to have a quick look of their most wanted superstar!

Salman Khan looks out from his grilled window A car passing Salman Khan's Bandra residence

Back view of Salman Khan's flat

Sohail Khan & his wife arrive for Salman Khan's birthday bash

West Portking Salman Khan house

Side view of Salman Khan's house

Another view of Salman Khan's Bandra house

Distant view of Salman Khan's house

Ganpati Bappa arrives at Salman Khan's residence

Ganpati puja in Salman Khan's house

Ganpati celebrations in Galaxy Apartments

Salman Khan painting in his living room

The three bro's-Arbaaz Khan, Salman Khan & Sohail Khan at Salman's place

Dining space of Salman Khan's house

Another view of the dining space

Guest room at Galaxy apartments