Salman Khan joined the twitter bandwagon on April, 2010. His id on twitter is Salman uses his twitter account to sometimes gain more attention for his pet causes, like his latest campaign for getting Sarabjit Singh freed from his imprisonment in a Pakistani jail and revoking of his death sentence. His twitter account had thousands of followers and he himself has contributed more than one thousand tweets to his page. Apart from this he also tweets pictures of his family.

Salman Khan –  Twitter Style

Salman Style

Tweeted Pic of Salman on his way to US for surgery

On his way for surgery in US Salman’s fans get to see their favorite star in a very personal and intimate manner; his twitter followers get to read his statements written in his inimitable style. When he had to leave for US to get surgery done for his nerve problem, he tweeted a picture of himself for his fans just before leaving India.  This is one of the examples wherein he has kept his fans and followers in the know regarding his health, among other things. He uses a friendly combination of Hindi and English words to communicate his thoughts and the style is informal and conversational.

Salman tweeted a pic with his nephew

With his nephew

Another pic with his brothers

With his brother  The images he puts up are often those with friends, relatives and fans and even of himself. The photos he uploads are usually that of an unposed, relaxed and comfortable Salman Khan, an image not often caught by the media folks but, please his many fans who want to be up close with their star.

A Quick Sip

A quick sip

Having Fun

Having fun

There are also some images of random places and people who have caught his interest and he does give his personal comments to them.

A candid picture with Riteish Deshmukh

With Riteish

Mr. Pandey

Mr. Pandey

With sister Alvira and brother in law Atul

With Alvira and Atul