Veer is a Hindi period film and is directed by Anil Sharma whose previous films include Apne and the blockbuster Gadar: Ek Prem Katha. Salman Khan is the main protagonist of this film which also stars Mithun Chakraborty, Sohail Khan, Jackie Shroff and Zarine Khan as the film’s female lead.

Veer – An Epic Love Story of a Warrior

Veer - An Epic Love Story of a Warrior

Veer was the brainchild of Salman Khan who has written it and was a labour of love for him. It was released on 22nd January, 2010 to a lukewarm response from the public and was given a thumbs down from the film critics. The film was reputed to be made with a budget of 94 crores, but could only recover around 41 crores.

Salman Khan’s six pack abs

Salman Khan's six pack abs

Veer has been shot lavishly, with no expenses spared, giving the viewer a sense of grandeur and splendor  Tinnu Verma, the action director for the movie, has choreographed some excellent action sequences but, some are with unnecessary gory and violent scenes.

The Pindaris in Veer – Salman, Sohail and Mithun

The Pindaris in Veer - Salman, Sohail and Mithun

Sajid-Wajid have scored some beautiful songs for this movie including the melodious ‘Surili Akhiyon Wale’, while Monty’s background score is a real standout.

Salman Khan song from Veer – Love in London

Salman Khan song from Veer - Love in London

Salman Khan plays the titular role of Veer Pratap Singh, a Pindari Prince; Mithun Chakraborty is Prithvi Singh, a great Pindari Warrior and father of Veer. Salman’s real life brother Sohail plays the character of Punya Singh, the on-screen brother of Veer. Jackie Shroff is Gyanendra Singh, the King of Madhavghar. Zarine Khan is Yuvraji Yashodhara.

Salman Khan kissing Zarine Khan’s hand

Salman Khan kissing Zarine Khan's hand

PlotVeer is based on the Pindari movement of 1825, which took place in Rajasthan during the British Colonial rule. This revenge drama is taken forward by Prithvi, the Rajput head of the Pindari clan who have been cheated of their rightful land and have been killed in large numbers because of the betrayal by Gyanenedra who joins forces with the British. He sends his sons Veer and Punya to London to study and to find out the nefarious plans the British have in store for them. In London, Veer falls in love with his hated enemy’s daughter, Yuvraji Yashodhara. He then has to fight his enemies in Madhavgarh to escape fatally wounded with the Princess. Veer is ill-fated, but leaves behind a son as his legacy.

Salman Khan in rage as a warrior

Salman Khan in rage as a warrior

Veer is abound with historical inaccuracies, as if the director or script did not want to bother himself with background details in their rush to tell the story the way they wished to. For example, though the movie is supposedly set in the 19th century, the people don’t seem to wear the time appropriate clothes or even speak the language of that time. Salman has tried to put in all the supposedly requisite elements that make up a hit in his script like love story, revenge, but unfortunately they don’t combine to make sense.

Mithun is ready to strike

Mithun is ready to strike

Veer is a great showcase for Salman Khan, and in fact, it is his presence in the movie that is its USP. Mithun does put in a creditable performance and so does Jackie Shroff. But, unfortunately for the film, this alone could not make the movie goers excited.

The Veers are ready for Action

The Veers are ready for Action