Shah Rukh Khan Family Members:

Shah Rukh Khan with wife Gauri, Children and sister Lala Rukh Khan.

Father: Mir Taj Mohammed Khan

Mother: Lateef FatimaLala Rukh Khan

Wife: Gauri Khan

Son: Aryan Khan

Daughter: Suhana Khan

Son: AbRam Khan

Cousin: Noor Jahan

Mir Taj Mohammed Khan – Shah Rukh Khan Father

Shah Rukh Khan's childhood pics
Shah Rukh Khan's father, Mir Taj Mohammed Khan.
It is very apparent that Shah Rukh Khan almost hero worships his father Mir Taj Mohammed Khan whom he lost when he was a teen of fifteen years. Mir Taj Mohammed Khan was a tall Pathan from Peshawar, now in Pakistan. Shah Rukh calls him a ‘gentle giant’. He was an Indian freedom fighter, who became a part of ‘Frontier Gandhi’ Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan’s movement and had even fought the elections against another national icon, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad and lost. He was the youngest freedom fighter then and as a sixteen year, he had left his home to walk to Kashmir, India. He came to New Delhi from Peshawar before the 1947 Partition happened of our sub-continent.
Shah Rukh Khan’s paternal grandfather was an Afghani. Mir Taj Mohammed Khan was a highly educated man who was a MA, LLB and was fluent in six languages including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Pushtu, Sanskrit and Persian. A gentle man with a great sense of humour who had charm and elegance, he treated Shah Rukh as an individual in his own right and as a friend. He expected his children to take responsibility for their actions. He loved sitting down and discussing all kind of things with his children. He was a good human being and loved reading as well as gardening. Shah Rukh Khan recalls him as a man who enjoyed talking to his flowers; he also recalls him as a very absent minded man who would sometimes eat his breakfast while in the toilet and forget he was there!
Shah Rukh remembers that he would never get annoyed or irritated with his father and just remembers being scolded once or twice by him. Mir Taj Mohammed Khan had the ability to transform every activity in the house into a game.
Mir Taj Mohammed Khan had various business ventures including a successful furniture business and a transportation business, which closed down because of his cheating partners. He even tried his hand at the restaurant and hotel business. Shah Rukh Khan was a fifteen year old when his father lost his eight month long struggle against cancer that had afflicted him.

Lateef Fatima – Shah Rukh Khan Mother

Shah Rukh Khan's parents.
Shah Rukh Khan with maternal grandfather, sister and cousin, Tasneem Fatima.
Shah Rukh Khan continues to miss his mother even to this day and believes that she is out there somewhere and looks out for him and still takes care of him. One of his regrets is that his mother didn’t get to see his movies or witness his first film award.
His mother, Lateef Fatima was an Andhraite residing in Karnataka and was the eldest of four sisters. She was the daughter of Iftikhar Ahmed who was an Oxford educated Chief Engineer of Mangalore Port and had designed and built the Mangalore Port. She herself was fluent in all the four South Indian languages.
His mother was almost ten years younger than his father. Shah Rukh Khan’s parents met in a true filmi-style manner. One evening, while Mir Taj Mohammed Khan was out walking with his cousin General Shah Nawaz, the second-in-command to Subhash Chandra Bose of INA, at India Gate, in New Delhi, he saw a car overturned. It so happened, that Lateef Fatima and her father and sisters had come to Delhi on a visit and were in that ill-fated car. Both men quickly came forward to help the occupants of the car. All escaped serious harm except for Fatima who not only lost her memory, but required blood. In the hospital, it was discovered that Mir Taj Mohammed Khan’s blood matched hers. The couple got closer thereafter and despite Fatima being already engaged to another, her parents agreed to the couple’s getting married as he had saved her.
Though his parents were quite liberal in their parenting and allowed Shah Rukh Khan to do pretty much whatever he wanted to do and when he wanted to do it, they were particular that he should do well academically. Shah Rukh Khan’s mother was the stricter of the two parents, yet was the one who pampered them the most. She was the one who shouted and scolded her kids and tried to maintain order. She wanted all the comforts of life for Shah Rukh Khan and generally denied him nothing. She bought his first car when he asked for one, against her husband’s wishes. She totally supported Shah Rukh Khan’s dreams of joining films and understood that he wasn’t interested in the family business. She encouraged him to enrol at the National School of Drama.
Lateef Fatima was a strong woman and when her husband was critically ill with cancer, she took charge of their finances which were in a bad shape and worked almost twenty-four hours a day, to raise money for the expensive treatment. In 1981, Taj Mohammed expired and she revived his business and made it prosperous.
His mother passed away in 1990 after a prolonged illness; her blood had become infected. She was finally recovering when her end came very suddenly, shocking him. Shah Rukh calls her his STD line to God because in life he has always got whatever he wanted.
Shah Rukh Khan continues to regret that his parents left so early.

Lala Rukh Shehnaz – Shah Rukh Khan Sister

Shah Rukh Khan as a baby with elder sister, Lala Rukh Shehnaz.

Shah Rukh Khan’s sister Lala Rukh Shehnaz is six years older than him. According to Shah Rukh Khan, though his parents never took sides, Shehnaz was closer to them, probably because of being six years older than him.
Shah Rukh Khan is very close to his sister who lives with him and his wife and children, in Mannat; he shares his feelings with her and confides in her. He finds her sweet and naïve, but also finds that she can behave quite spoilt sometimes! A hot temper is a personality trait shared by her and her mother. She was an extrovert previously, but her mother’s death left her shattered and she turned inwards. According to some sources, Shehnaz suffered depression post her mother’s death.
There are some unconfirmed reports in the media that she is Shah Rukh Khan’s new baby’s surrogate mother.

Noor Jahan – Shah Rukh Khan Cousin

Shah Rukh Khan with cousin, Noor Jahan.

Shah Rukh Khan not only has cousins from his maternal side in India, he also has many paternal cousins in Pakistan. One of his first cousins is Noor Jahan who often visits him in Mumbai and has a son named Shah Rukh Khan 2! She has spoken of how happy Shah Rukh was spending some days at his paternal house and meeting his paternal family when he was a teenager and on a visit with his family.

Gauri Khan – Shah Rukh Khan Wife

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri's wedding pic.
Shah Rukh Khan with wife, Gauri.

Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri was his childhood sweetheart. They met in 1984 and married in 1991. She is the daughter of an army officer. Gauri Chibber’s parents were disapproving of Shah Rukh Khan as a suitor for their daughter’s hand, initially, but later relented when they saw that they were totally committed to each other. The story goes that Gauri, his girlfriend then, wanted to take some time off from her possessive boyfriend, Shah Rukh Khan and went to Mumbai for a break, but he followed her and convinced her to marry him. He arrived in Mumbai in 1991, after becoming a big TV star in Delhi.
The couple have proved to be a strong Bollywood couple and despite, recent rumours about a probable affair between Shah Rukh and Priyanka Chopra, they seem to be together and happy. Gauri has come across as a strong and grounded woman in her interviews and Shah Rukh Khan has often spoken of his love and pride for his wife and mother of his three children.
Gauri turned co-founder the film production and distribution company ‘Red Chillies Entertainment.’ She also became an interior designer and joined hands with Susanne Roshan, Hrithik Rosha’s estranged wife. Recently, with total support from Shah Rukh Khan she has ventured out on her own with her ‘Design Cell.’
She has made a name for her herself in the social arena too, with the reputation of being an amazing social hostess at her exclusive parties in their heritage home.

Aryan, Suhana and AbRam Khan – Shah Rukh Khan’s Children

Shah Rukh Khan with his wife, Gauri and children Aryan and Suhana.
Shah Rukh Khan with his wife, Children and sister.
Shah Rukh Khan has three children, son Aryan Khan who looks just like his famous dad, daughter Suhana Khan and a new baby, son AbRam Khan born out of surrogacy. He recently sent Aryan to study in England’s elite Seven Oaks School to get him out from the shadow of his father’s fame, so that he can forge his own identity. Either he or Gauri try to be with him on weekends in England. Suhana studies at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School.
As a parent, Shah Rukh has always tried to attend all his children’s minor and major events. He prefers to be their friend and plays with him or just likes to hang out with them. He is very much a family oriented person.