Shakti Kapoor was born on the 3rd of September, 1958, in Delhi. He grew up in a household, in Delhi. His father managed a tailoring business in the then named Connaught Place area of Delhi. Shakti is a graduate of Kirori Mal College, Delhi University.

Comic- Villain Shakti Kapoor

Comic- Villain Shakti Kapoor

Though originally a Delhi boy, Shakti moved to seek his fortune in Mumbai, the Bollywood capital of India. In Bollywood, he soon built up a reputation of a comic as well as villain. He is one of the few actors in Bollywood , who has managed to straddle both the worlds of comedy as well villainy, successfully. He got away playing the buffoon in one movie and a bad character in another! Movie goers of the 70s and 80s certainly accepted him willingly in his comedy acts with Kader Khan, even while he raped and pillaged in another film.

Shakti Kapoor in Raja Babu

Shakti Kapoor -  In Raja Babu



Shakti Kapoor has been nominated more for his comedy act than his villainy since his debut in Bollywood films in 1976 and has in fact been nominated 66 times! He won the Filmfare Award in the Best Comedian Category for the 1995 film Raja Babu, which was directed by David Dhawan.

Shakti Kapoor – With Kader Khan

Shakti Kapoor With Kader Khan


There was a time in the 80s and 90s that he was almost a staple diet in films along with Kader Khan. Some of his successful movies include the films Aasha in 1980, Khiladi in 1992, Aankhen in 1993, and Judwaa in 1997.

Shakti Kapoor – Jaani Dushman

Shakti Kapoor - Jaani Dushman


In the 1970s, he worked in movies like Raj Kumar Kohli’s film Jaani Dushman, a 1979 horror film which was a huge commercial hit and featured a massive star cast including Shakti. The film Sargam was another 1979 film that was directed by K. Viswanath and was the debut vehicle of actress Jayapradha.

Paanch Qaidi

Shakti Kapoor - Paanch Qaidi


Pyar Ka Mandir

Shakti Kapoor - Pyar Ka Mandir


Paanch Qaidi was a 1981 film that boasted of actors like Amjad Khan, Mahendra Sandhu and Girish Karnad along with Shakti. He had another important role in the 1988 film Pyar Ka Mandir as well as in the 1989 film Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbari.


Shakti Kapoor - Naseeb


In Andaz Apna Apna

Shakti Kapoor in Andaz Apna Apna


His films in the 90s include the film Naseeb in 1997, but the role which still defines him in many ways was the 1994 cult comedy film Andaz Apna Apna, where he enacted the character of Gogo, the crime master. His combining the comic as well as villainous element in his character and his trademark dialogues, still evoke chuckles.

In Chup Chup Ke

Shakti Kapoor in Chup Chup Ke


In the next decade, Shakti became a regular sight in director Priyadarshan’s movies and was seen in films like Hungama in 2003, Hulchul in 2004, Chup Chup Ke in 2006 and Bhagam Bhag in 2006.

Moner Manush

Shakti Kapoor - Moner Manush


He has also acted in Bengali language films and was seen in films like Khoja Babu in 1995 and Moner Manush in 1997.

In Bigg Boss 5

Shakti Kapoor in Bigg Boss 5


In Aasman Se Gire Khajoor Pe Atke

Shakti Kapoor in Aasman Se Gire Khajoor Pe Atke


He has appeared in the television reality show Bigg Boss in its fifth season. He was the captain of the Bigg Boss House in the first two weeks, but was eliminated at the end of the fourth week. Shakti Kapoor has also appeared in the musical comedy show Aasman Se Gire Khajoor Pe Atke, where he acted with his sister-in-law, actress Padmini Kohlapure.

Shakti Kapoor Family

Shakti Kapoor with Family


Shakti Kapoor’s Wife

Shakti Kapoor with Wife


Shakti Kapoor’s Daughter

Shakti Kapoor's Daughter


Shakti Kapoor’s Son

Shakti's Son

With Sister-in-law

Shakti Kapoor with Sister-in-law


Shakti Kapoor is married to Shivangi Kohlapure who is actress Padmini Kohlapure’s elder sister. His two children are also in the entertainment business; son Siddhanth Kapoor is an aspiring actor and Disc Jockey as well as assistant director and his daughter is model and actress Shraddha Kapoor.

Shakti Kapoor was in the new in 2005, when India TV’s sting operation supposedly caught him on camera asking sexual favours from the undercover journalist in exchange for a role. After a hasty ban by the Film & Television Producers Guild of India, they had to retract the ban because of  absence of proof. Shakti Kapoor called it a ‘frame up’ and a doctored video.