Shaleen ,well known as the rebellious cop Arjun of the TV series Arjun – Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek, is rumored to be married to a UK based girl! He was completely shocked on hearing the news. Shaleen is very much single. According to him, being in a relationship would mean allocating time for one’s partner. And currently, he’s not prepared for it. His entire day is devoted to shooting and he is not dating anyone right now. Work is his life and he’s enjoys it. He completely miffed at the rumors of his marriage!

Shaleen poses for a photoshoot

Shaleen was also linked to his co – star Sana Khan (Laavanya of Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon) who played his love interest Riya Mukerjee (in Arjun– Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek). Sana had to quit the show as she had health problems. Shaleen seems to miss her a lot after she left the show. ‘It was fun shooting with Sana and now it’s just the usual stuff, she was a gem of a friend and a co – star’, revealed a gloomy Shaleen. But then he agreed that health comes first and that Sana needed proper rest!

Shaleen with co-star & friend Sana Khan

And regarding a special bonding between Sana and Shaleen, co-stars need to spend a lot of time together and it is quite apparent for them to develop a bond. However, Shaleen remained all hush – hush about it.  Sana, too on learning this refused to comment. No one really knows if Sana Khan is Shaleen Malhotra girlfriend!


Shaleen was born on 25th May in the year 1985 in New Delhi. He was among the 13 participants in the reality game show Roadies season 4. But unfortunately he got voted out by the other contestants and therefore could not make it up to the end.

Shaleen with his cap on

Before stepping into tinsel town, Shaleen had been an on – ground Video Jockey (VJ) on the channel MTVfor four years, beforegetting elevated to an on – air VJ in 2012.

He also picked a small role in the Indian fiction courtroom TV series Adaalat, aired on the channel Sony Entertainment Television, wherein he played the role of Jawal Ahmed.

Shaleen looks different with his spects on

Current Show:

The handsome hunk bagged the lead role in the Indian action crime fiction TV series Arjun – Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek, aired on Star Plus. He portrays the role of ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte. He is transferred to ETF (Emergency Task Force) and deals with cases like murder, superstition, kidnapping, organ trade, human trafficking, honor killing etc. The show revolves around the dark past that irks Arjun – the vicious killing of Roshni (his wife) along with the personal lives and equations of Riya, Sameer, Aisha, Shree, Liza, Chhotu and Sakshi who are an integral part of ETF.

Shaleen as Arjun Suryakant Rawte in Arjun

The crime fiction showhas become very popular all over the world. The audience loves the sizzling onscreen chemistry between Arjun and Riya. The 4 Lions Films production show first went on air on 11th August, 2012.

Shaleen had to attend an acting workshop and learn martial arts prior to taking up the role of special force officer Arjun.

Shaleen Malhotra as Arjun

Shaleen Malhotra Favourites:

The 28 year old actor is dashing enough to make girls go crazy about him. In a candid chat with Shaleen, he spoke about his romantic side. Sporting a tough onscreen character does not mean that he is arrogant in real life too! Shaleen is, in fact, a very sweet guy in real life. He would love to experiment with different roles and it would be a challenge for him to play a romantic role. He would also love to play the role of a businessman or even a don, or rather anything different to his poker face lead character in Arjun.

Shaleen Malhotra glows in yellow!

He misses his hometown Delhi a lot.

The actor is currently said to be eyeing Bollywood.

The Delhi guy is a fitness freak in real life. His perfect body and razor sharp like attitude makes him a suitable cop (onscreen). He shares some of his fitness mantra’swith his fans:

Personal fitness mantra: the only thing he ensures is to work out well at least four times a week and eat right at the right time.

Shaleen with bong babe Bipasha Basu

Personal diet mantra: follow a healthy diet plan. Eat every two hours but never overeat!

 Exercise routine: initially, he was into martial arts, but now, he doesn’t get time to do the same. Therefore he makes sure to go to the gym. Also every day in the beginning, he does a lot of body stretching and later he goesfor heavy weight lifting.

 Favourite cuisine: his mom’s handmade kadhaai chaawal. Shaleen is a foodie! He is also very fond of Mughlai and Indian dishes. He is a big timenon – vegetarian and food is the elixir of life for him!

 Favourite restaurant: his favourite restaurants are all in Delhi.

 A must on his breakfast table: cornflakes and milk!

Shaleen-handsome with his shades on

 Sugar or sugar-free for his tea/coffee: he doesn’t have sugar in his tea and coffee.

 Lunch generally consists of: chicken and chapattis.

 Dinner generally consists of: salads and egg whites.

 Dessert delights: his favourite dessert is gulabjamun, but it’s

been 3 to 4 months he hasn’t treated himself with desserts.

 One thing he can’t resist: butter chicken.

 His favourite drink (non-alcoholic): milk.

 His favourite drink (alcoholic): Old Monk Rum!

Shaleen with his cute smile

At parties he has: if he’s not shooting the next day, then he has alcohol with some munching, otherwise nothing.

 Most unusual dish he hasever tasted: he had snake at the Andaman Island. It tasted like an egg!

Experiment with food:he loves experimenting with food.

Shaleen all set for the trip

 On the streets, he loves to have: sevpuri and paavbhaaji!

 Does he cook: his mom says that he is the worst cook as he can only boil water!

 Fitness tip: Learn how to cook and never starve yourself. Try to keep yourself fit by going to a gym, take to dancing, doing martial arts and aerobics or indulge in sports!

Shaleen looks out of his car