Shreya Ghoshal Family Members:

Father: Bishwajit Ghoshal

Mother: Sarmistha Ghoshal

Brother: Soumyadeep Ghoshal

Shreya Ghoshal is obviously very close to her family and says that her family is one unit, which functions as a team, being there for each other, always. She has termed herself as a family girl, and knows that even though her parents are encouraging and supportive with her, they are also conservative about certain things with which she is totally okay.

Bishwajit Ghoshal – Shreya Ghoshal Father

Shreya Goshal with her father, Bishwajit Ghoshal.
Shreya Goshal with her father, Bishwajit Ghoshal.
Songstresss Shreya Ghoshal’s father is Bishwajit Ghoshal. Bishwajit Ghoshal is an engineer and an employee of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India. Shreya has said in an interview that she is closest to her father and that it was he, who was her first influence. It had been her father who had ignored the naysayers in their community who had decried singing as a profession in comparison to professions such as doctor etc., and given Shreya all the support and encouragement he could give so that the immensely talented young girl could find her wings to pursue her dreams. She has jokingly termed her parents as ‘idiots’ for the courage they showed in allowing her to pursue music! The family even shifted to Mumbai, so that the young songbird could get the platform she needed to show case her talents.

Sarmistha Ghoshal – Shreya Ghoshal Mother

Shreya Goshal with her mother, Sarmisthat Ghoshal.
Shreya Goshal with her mother, Sarmisthat Ghoshal.
Shreya Goshal as a child.

Shreya Ghoshal’s mother is Sarmistha Ghoshal. A young Shreya was influenced by her family’s involvement with music and it was her mother, in fact, who was her first Guru, the very first one to introduce her to the wondrous world of music when she was a child of four. Shreya’s maternal grandmother was a trained classical singer who had taught music to her own daughter. Growing up, Shreya and her parents were part of all cultural activities in their small community and as a child she would often repeat the songs her mother would practise during rehearsals and it was then that Sarmistha realized the talent and potential of her daughter. Shreya calls the relationship between her and her mother, a regular one, in which she has a fight with her mother on an almost daily basis! She has mentioned in an interview that her mother keeps scolding her and worrying about things like whether Shreya was looking after her hair, her diet. Shreya has ruefully remarked about her mother’s recent worry about her marital status.

Soumyadeep Ghoshal – Shreya Ghoshal Brother

Shreya Goshal with her brother, Soumyadeep Ghoshal.
Shreya Goshal with her brother.
Shreya Ghoshal has a younger brother, Soumyadeep Ghoshal who is nearly seven years younger than her. He is currently studying for an engineering degree. Shreya calls her brother her harshest critic and acknowledges the sacrifices he has made and the adjustments he has had to make when their mother would often be away from home with Shreya.