Sidharth Malhotra Family Members:

Sidharth Malhotra with his elder brother, Harshad Malhotra.

Father: Sunil Malhotra

Mother: Rimma Malhotra

Brother: Harshad Malhotra

Sunil and Rimma Malhotra – Sidharth Malhotra’s Parents

Sidharth Malhotra as an adorable toddler.
Hunky Sidharth Malhotra’s parents are Punjabis. While Siddharth’s mother, Rimma is originally from Amritsar, his father, Sunil is from New Delhi. His parents have settled in New Delhi.
Sidharth’s dad, Sunil Malhotra was in the Merchant Navy and is presently working as a consultant. Siddharth’s mom, Rimma is a homemaker who managed the family and children when her husband was off sailing for long periods of time. She is known to love playing cards, a pastime she has happily shared with Karan Johar’s mother!
They are concerned parents and were immensely relieved when they found out that a producer of Karan Johar’s calibre was going to be launching their younger son. They must have been supportive parents too, for despite struggling with academics and doing stray modelling jobs, Siddharth went to Mumbai to pursue his tinsel dreams.

Harshad Malhotra – Sidharth Malhotra Brother

Sidharth Malhotra with his brother and friends.

Sidharth Malhotra’s elder brother is Harshad Malhotra. He works in the banking industry and looks the sober and more responsible of the two!

They might be sharing the same surname, but Sidharth is not related to either director Punit Malhotra or fashion designer Manish Malhotra!