Sonal Chouhan Family Members:

Sonal Chouhan with her sister and friend.

Father: Raghuraj Singh Chauhan

Mother: Mrs.Chouhan

Siblings: Brother and Sisters

Ex-Boyfriend: Neil Nitin Mukesh

Mr. and Mrs. Raghuraj Singh Chauhan – Sonal Chouhan’s Parents

Sonal Chouhan
Sonal Chouhan’s parents are Rajputs from Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh. Sonal Chouhan’s father is a Police Inspector and belongs to a royal Chouhan family. One can deduce that they are a conservative and traditional Rajput family for Sonal Chouhan is rarely photographed with her parents.

Brother and Sisters – Sonal Chouhan’s Siblings

Sonal Chouhan tweets about the gifts received from her sister.
Sonal Chouhan has three siblings; she has an elder brother and elder sister and one younger sister. One of her sisters stays abroad and visits her occasionally bringing her gifts and affection. Sonal loves to pamper her younger sister and has been known to drop in unexpectedly from wherever she is at that time and meet up with her sister, to wish her a happy birthday.

Neil Nitin Mukesh – Sonal Chouhan Ex-Boyfriend

Sonal Chouhan and Neil Nitin Mukesh in a movie still.
During the shooting of their film 3G, Sonal Chouhan and Neil Nitin Mukesh had come closer to each other, romantically. Neil had even given an interview about their love for each other and how they were going to get married and how Sonal had met his parents. But, Sonal went on to publicly rubbish all his claims and , the two reportedly broke up thereafter. Media had a good time speculating on the reasons behind their split with one claiming that Sonal had become suffocated in the relationship and by his constant demands. She had reportedly never wanted a commitment kind of relationship and broke it up when Neil swore love for her.