Sunny Deol Family – wife Pooja Deol, sisters Vijayta Deol and Ajeeta Deol, sons Karan & Rajvir Deol

Ajay Singh Deol or as he is more popularly known, Sunny Deol was born on 19th October, 1956 to actor Dharmendra, the well- known Bollywood actor and his home maker wife Prakash Kaur. Dharmendra has always kept his personal life under wraps and there is little known about his daughters, Vijayta Deol and Ajeeta Deol from his first marriage.

Pooja Deol – Sunny Deol wife

Picture of Sunny Deol with his wife Pooja

Son Karan/Rocky Deol

Picture of Sunny Deol's shy son Karan Deol

The Complete Deol Family – Dharmendra, Prakash, Sunny, Bobby, Vijayta and Lally

Family Picture of the Deols - Dharmendra, Prakash, Sunny, Bobby, Vijetta and Lally

Sunny’s personal life is very similar to Dharmendra’s. His marriage and subsequent married life to Pooja Deol (also named Lynda Deol), who is reportedly from UK, is kept away from media glare. Pooja is rarely seen in public functions. Regarding his two sons;  it is only very recently that the presence of his elder son Karan Deol is being tracked by the media and that too after, he admitted to his son being interested in the film industry. The younger son Rajvir Deol is still rarely photographed by the media persons.

Picture of Sunny with dad, mom and bro

Picture of Sunny Deol sitting on dad Dharmendra's lap

Dharmendra’s second marriage to Bollywood’s Dreamgirl got enough media attention to compensate for his first marriage. His two daughters from his second marriage; Esha and Ahana are visible to the media and are carving out careers in the public arena. Esha’s recent marriage to businessman Bharat Takhtani was covered extensively by the media.

Dad Dharmendra and Step Mother Hema Malini

Picture of Sunny's dad Dharmendra and his step mother Hema Malini

Cousin Esha Deol

Picture of Sunny's cousin - Bollywood starlet Esha Deol

Neice Ahana Deol

Pic of Sunny's other neice Ahana Deol


Sunny’s good looking younger brother; Bobby Deol joined the film industry with a lot of expectations. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to live up to those expectations. He is married to Tanya Deol, who like Pooja Deol, is not involved in the film industry; but this attractive couple is often seen together in public.

Papa Dharmendra and brother Bobby Deol

Pic of the Deol men celebration - Sunny, Dharmendra and Bobby

Bobby Deol with his family – wife Tanya Deol and two Sons

Picture of Sunny's brother Bobby with his family - wife Tanya and two Sons

Sunny’s cousin from his paternal side, Abhay Deol, has become the darling of the thinking public. Abhay has carved his own path, except for his first movie Socha Na Tha. His choice of roles, movies and understated acting style has won him a huge fan base.

The Deol Men take Bollywood by storm

Picture of the Deol men - Dharmendra, Bobby, Abhay and Sunny