Sunny Deol , the action king of Bollywood, has faithfully followed the Deol family creed of keeping the family out of public glare as set by Patriarch Dharmendra. Even though there continues to be intense speculation regarding the presence of Sunny’s wife Pooja Deol, in his personal life amid unconfirmed rumors of his long standing relationship with actress Dimple Kapadia; there has been no comment or discussion regarding the same. Pooja stays completely out of his professional life and it is difficult to get a photo of Pooja Deol with or without Sunny Deol. The children were similarly shielded from the media eye till his oldest son Karan Deol started being interested in acting like this dad.

Sunny Deol Wife Photo - Sunny and Pooja

Pooja Deol, also called Lynda Deol wrote the script of the latest Deol movie Yamla Pagla Deewana 2. This was her first tryst with Bollywood.